Saturday, May 17, 2014

Oh No! Just A Month To Departing

Where does the time go?  I have a lot to accomplish while home and it has been keeping me busy.

On Monday this week I played Canasta in the the only Canasta group left.  All others have switched to Shanghai.  We only play for $1 and I always end up in the middle.   I should have a place on my IRS Schedule A for Card Game Donations.

The Angelic Center came to pick up our old double Lazy Boy recliner and I put in a call to Lazy Boy regarding the new one.  The foam on one side seems deficient and there is a definite difference in appearance and feel when you sit.  Someone is coming June 2 to look.

In the afternoon I had an eye doctor appointment and he said I am doing great.  My close vision allowed me to read the smallest line on the chart.  I didn't do as well on distance but well enough I guess.  I am good for another year.

We were playing Couples Shanghai Wednesday night so I went to the Beauty Salon in the afternoon.  It didn't work - but my hair did look better.  LOL.  We have a happy hour followed by a buffet dinner and then cards.  I won second at my table.  Ted was winning at his until the last hand.  He didn't get down and all those points knocked him out of the running.  You just never know where you stand in this game.

Our Newcomers Board was being installed on Thursday and I was encouraged to come because I am an Activity Chair.  I hadn't attended a luncheon since September but I agreed to go.  The lunch was good, the speaker did a nice job but the "ceremonies" were too long and disjointed.  It took three hours!  I didn't know hardly anyone on last year's Board but I know everyone on this year's Board.  I think this is akin to a silent coup to return to the old way of doing things.  Time will tell.

We attended the last Wind Down cocktail party on Friday night because we changed our tickets for Gypsy to the weekend after Memorial Day.  Geri and Barry are in Dallas and we have their dog Tucker so we all got tickets for the same night.  I invited Terry and Carol to go with us.  We can invite two people each season.  I hope they do as well as they did with South Pacific.  

We are joining the Boomers in the RV at the KOA for Memorial Day weekend.  I have a busy M-T-W next week before we head out on Thursday but three meals are catered so we don't need to take but a few breakfast and lunch things plus a few clothes.  Sunday we will leave the park and go to a cookout at Geri's with her neighbors who are going on our Mexican cruise and some other friends we have in common.  On Monday we will put the RV away once again for a few weeks.

I left my Swedish weaving afghan in the RV last time so I hope I remember to get it out and bring it home.  There are times in the evening I have time to work on it.  It is about half way finished.

Another project is printing my blog before it disappears.  So far 2006-2009 are finished plus our 2012 trip to France.  There are three binders filled and this will become our reading material when we can no longer go like we do now.  I enjoyed reminiscing as I printed them so I know we will enjoy them even more as time goes by.  It's the little things that are forgotten that are so fun to read about.

I need to have my dress hemmed for the next wedding, find a tie with mint green in it for Ted and put the wedding program together so it can be printed.  I have been busy on line with the gift registries with four May birthdays (Kristin, Ally, Morgan, Kelly),  two baby showers (Logan, Zahra), one wedding shower (Kara) and two weddings (Katelyn, Laura).  Keeping all these shipping confirmations straight is a job in itself.

Have a great holiday weekend but keep in mind what we are commemorating.

These fallen heroes represent the character of a nation who has a long history of patriotism and honor - and a nation who has fought many battles to keep our country free from threats of terror.

Michael N. Castle

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