Friday, May 23, 2014

Celebrating Memorial Day

I was up and out to Irene's on Monday for our bunco group.  Oh my, she had a beautiful spread in her party room.  Silver, red and blue wreaths decorated the walls.  Our beloved red, white and blue was used in the tableware and decorations.  She had wonderful food and snacks for us all.  I won "most losses" in bunco!  Yeah!

Five of us stayed through lunch for a game of Shanghai and I won.  It was the comeback of the century in the second round.  I had 17 cards, wasn't down when everyone else was, and they were going round and round with only one or two cards but couldn't go out.  I finally drew two different cards that gave me what I needed to go down.  On the next round I went out!  Ted was in Beaumont for the day and night so I kept myself busy.

I worked four hours at the thrift shop Tuesday and hit my 50.5 hours to finish my requirements.  That's a relief.  Since there were four Donnas working we formed The Society of Donnas to Dominate the World.  Afterwards I went to the nail salon in preparation for being gone for five days over the weekend.  

Our Forum Board of Directors meeting and luncheon was held at a country club south of where we live on Wednesday.  Kathryn was working with us Tuesday and suggested we ride together so I met her at 9 am.  We had a good wrap up meeting and a wonderful lunch.  The centerpieces were the most beautiful roses. I really enjoyed myself.  Then it was time to get my hair set for the week.  It has been decades since I had my hair done each week but it saves so much time on a daily basis that I have been availing myself of the service recently.  

Thursday we hooked up the RV and headed out to meet the Texas Boomers for the Memorial Day weekend.  We visited back and forth because there are several new rigs.  Eventually  nine of us went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner where I had a Happy Hour margarita.  That, plus sitting outside for awhile with the group and Ted's departure to the paper for the night had me in bed by 10.  He didn't get home until 4:30 am.  I stayed up with him while he did his report and sent it off and we both went back to bed.

Ted has pretty much been on the computer and phone today so I worked on my afghan.  We made a run to Walmart and are now getting our food ready to take up to the rally hall.  There will be socializing, eating and Patriotic Bingo.  I will let you know  how that works next time!

God sent us greetings for our holiday!

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