Monday, May 26, 2014

A Weekend with the Boomers

Friday night was a sandwich/appetizer/dessert get together serving as a Meet and Greet.  There were lots of new folks to meet and old ones to greet.  It was good seeing so many folks gathering for the weekend.  Other than four of the original wagonmasters, we were the longest members at 9 years.  We don't get out with them often anymore but we enjoy it immensely when we do.

After eating, there was to be Patriotic Bingo.  More folks came than expected so a few people didn't get cards.  Covers were in short supply so pebbles were brought in from the landscaping outside.  Necessity is the mother of invention I guess.  I am not sure how it happened but Ted and I ended up calling bingo.  I work many bingos at our senior lunches so I think we did a good job mixing it up to keep it interesting.  Several of the prizes were things I had donated.  We also played four quarter games with the winner receiving all the quarters.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Saturday morning was a pancake breakfast followed by a very moving Memorial Day Tribute that included a slideshow of Boomers in military photos.  I really choked up when our friend Tommy's photo came up on the In Memory page.  I can't believe it has been five years since he left us.   I don't think there was a dry eye at the end of the program.

Saturday evening was the BBQ dinner so I helped in the kitchen for awhile.  We got things under control and then played Skipbo.  Pat and I killed a bottle of Muscato wine while playing.  Neither of us won and I am pretty sure why.  Bad cards!

Dinner went well and we visited a bit but our messed up sleep Thursday night caught up with us and we were in bed early.  One thing we enjoy doing from this campground is attending church nearby at one of the "painted churches."   It is so beautiful and we had a delightful priest from Brenham who made our visit especially memorable.  We missed the potluck breakfast but it was worth it.  On our return I made a strawberry trifle to take to Gerre and Barry's pool party.  We met many of their friends  including 3 of the 4 couples going on the cruise with us.  I was trying really hard to remember names and faces.  

They live on a big lake, have a pool plus hot tub and a fabulous patio with bar.  It was a great party and we had a good time.  When we returned to the park we took a walk with two other couples before turning in.  This morning we cleaned the RV, buttoned it up and put it away 

Ted has gone back to the Chronicle this afternoon to get some paper samples to send to the mill.  I am planning my week in my free time.  I have a few less busy days before we hit the busy weekend coming up.

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