Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting Things Back In Order

We had so much to get done that it was advantageous to arrive home a few days earlier than originally planned.  Chris was surprised by our arrival so early in the day on Sunday but he took it in stride.  Because we are home for six weeks he took most of his things but will be back mid-June when we head out again.

We spent Monday putting things away and getting the laundry done.  We had to vote at two different locations on Tuesday.  We were surprised to learn Ted's voting rights had been suspended.  Seems he never responded to a jury summons that never was forwarded to us this past winter.  He explained we were gone and we never received it.  They told him jury summons aren't forwarded!!  Just how are you supposed to know then??  He had to go before an election judge and sign an affidavit that he was who he (and his driver's license) said he was and where he lived.  I just hope there isn't a warrant for his arrest out there!

We had to go through a lot of construction and I must have picked up a screw in my front right tire because Thursday when I went to leave, my tire was on the rim.  Of course I didn't see it but it immediately made a screeching noise and my tire light came on.  I pulled back in and told Ted before taking off to Wanda's to hitch a ride to our neighborhood luncheon with her and Gail.

The landscaper had finally arrived after bumping me one more time from Wednesday.  I won't go into the "conversation" I had with the office and eventually the owner.  The men were busy trimming the trees and preparing the planting area for the new plants when I left.  Ted said they went in the garage and pumped up the tire so he could drive it to be fixed.  When they finished they trimmed all our bushes, raked the yard and took away our old gas grill that still worked.  For all the run around, they did a great job.

Our President Installation Luncheon for Jumior Forum was Friday and I had to be there at 8:15 to work on name tags, placing programs in specially folded napkins and sign people in.  The program was once again a hoot!  They do such a great job!  It is the most enjoyable gathering they do all year.

I hosted Shanghai for six couples here at home Saturday night.  Of course I had to clean the house and prepare the food so it was a really busy day.  Everything went well but neither Ted nor I won anything.

Because we didn't get to Mass Saturday night we went Sunday morning.  Afterwards we drove past a few restaurants but people were outside waiting so we just went home to eat.  Ted then went shooting and I spent the afternoon pouring over 1000+ photos of Kristin's wedding to pick out what I wanted for my book.  When Ted came home he grilled filets, made loaded baked potatoes, corn on the cob, Texas toast and served wine with dinner and cannolis for dessert!  Terrific meal and a perfect Mother's Day memory.

Kara had sent me flowers, I received a top and jacket from Kelly and true to form, Kristin's is still in the mail!  They have been busy with thank you notes and photos so we will excuse them.  The make-up lady used a picture of me and Kristin on her website in honor of Mother's Day.

I hope all the mother's out there had as good a day as I did, low key as it was.

We never know the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

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