Saturday, April 26, 2014

Still Chilly in Ohio

We took off around 8:30 on Tuesday and drove to West Memphis, AR where we spent the night.  To say there is "construction" is an understatement, the interchange around I-40 and I-55 is a nightmare! Just maneuvering our way to the motel, to dinner and back, then finding the entrance to I-40 the next morning was a challenge.  We will go another route in June with the RV!  But we made it and are now wiser.

Our second day was broken up by stops in Bowling Green at the Brand store that sells clothing from the local garment factories (and much from overseas).  I bought a zippered sweat jacket because it was getting cool and I thought I might need it.  Ted chose a few shirts, I added some Vasserette underwear for me, got our 10% senior discount and were on our way.

Next stop was the Zappos outlet in Shepherdsville.  I found a pair of gold strappy shoes, walking shoes to leave in the RV and a pair of black boots.  Unfortunately Ted found nothing.

After dinner at the local diner around Campbellville, we drove on into Cincinnati to my sister's.  We called ahead to tell them we would eat dinner on the road and would arrive later.  

We spent Thursday visiting with Karen and Ron then headed out for dinner at an Italian restaurant where 17 folks from my grade school days were gathering for their bi-monthly dinner.  I was happy when I got the e-mail saying the dinner was not only when we were in town, but on our 49th wedding anniversary.  Once again Donna brought cupcakes to share as dessert for all of us to celebrate our special day.  She had done the same for my birthday last October.  It was such a fun evening and the food was outstanding.

Friday we packed up and continued north to Celina for the wedding we are attending.  Karen and Ron drove their car too because we are still loaded down.  We left two rugs for Sherry, a dress for Lily and a tank/overblouse set for Karen at their house.  When we arrived at Dan's we unloaded the bedding ensemble that is our wedding gift, a gallon of whiskey and a quart of Bloody Mary mix that we had won along with a small bag of broken jewelry for Sue who does beading.  When we see Kelly today we will give them their 3 dresses from the FL wedding, Kara's dress and shoes, a dress I bought for Ally, a wedding gift for Kara and two boxes of gluten free crackers I bought for Morgan but forgot to give them to Kara.  Did I mention we were in my Expedition!!

The rehearsal dinner was at 7:00 for 64 people with open bar.  I had one Long Island iced tea and Ted off course had Diet Coke.  The food was excellent.  There were a half dozen selections to choose from.  When Brandon spoke to thank everyone for coming he mentioned we had come all the way from Texas, it was our 49th wedding anniversary and he had a cake made in our honor and it would be served with ice cream as dessert.  Of course we were very pleased.

We were supposed to stay at Dan's but Sue's parents are not coming due to illness so we are in their villa across from the reception hall.  That takes the pressure off the bathrooms at Dan's house and works fine for us.  My nephew Joe and Debbie are next door and were partying with others last night.  My phone rang and they asked us to come over but we were already in our PJs.  Of course they said come as you are but we didn't!

The wedding is at 3:00 today.  Right now the weather looks good.  I hope it stays that way.

Congratulations to Rachel and Brandon on their wedding day.

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