Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One Day From Home

We had a terrific week in Ingram with our Hitchhiker friends.  We had coffee in the morning, games in the afternoon, Happy Hours at night, shared meals, karaoke in the evening and lots of visiting going on.  

We ladies all went shopping Saturday and had lunch overlooking the Guadalupe River.  At 5:00 we went to church and returned in time for the fish fry put on by the campground.  So we ate fish two days in a row.  Sunday was the drive to Cooper's BBQ.  We picked up Dulce and Berndt and our timing was perfect as we pulled into the turn lane in Llano right behind the rest of the folks.  We did a better job of not letting our eyes be bigger than our bellies.  We chose one pork chop, a 5 rib piece and three slices of brisket.  I ate half the chop and one rib.  Ted ate the other half,  four ribs and one slice of brisket.  We brought the other two pieces home.

Back at Buckhorn, Dulce went over my Schedule E and K-1s.  We decided it would be best to file an extension to give me time to be sure I got it filled out correctly.  So that's what I did.  We don't owe, so it was easy and I hopefully will get it done before we leave again.  If not, I have until October.

Monday we did our prep work for leaving, I made green beans and a pot of sauerkraut and sausage for the potluck and then won a game of Jokers and Marbles against some very good players.  I hadn't played since 2009 in Idaho where I didn't do well at all.

We had a great dinner, so much food!  Afterwards we had a white elephant gift grab.  We bought a BBQ set in its own case.  I picked a bag containing a half gallon of Canadian Whiskey.  Since I have liquor left from Kara's first wedding in 1992, I will take it to the wedding next week where it will be gone in no  time.

Driving Donna to Brenham and College Station, traveling to Llano and our trips out and back to Ingram gave us terrific views of the wildflowers that were awesome this year.  The Indian paintbrushes were very evident as well as primrose.  I was unable to identify the white flowers that looked like a small poppy and the yellow daisy type.  Need to get my Texas Wildflower book out!  There were fields and fields of bluebonnets especially between Austin and Brenham.

We are close to home and Ted washed the RV today.  I went to the doctor and had my stitches removed.  I also got the official word that it was a benign cyst.  Ted has his annual endoscopy tomorrow in the afternoon.  We will be leaving here early enough to get the rig parked and to the doctor on time.

Tonight we are having burgers with Tommy and Susan.  They have been here since March 1 and are staying until May 1.  They spend two months here three times a year.  We like when they are closer to us so we can spend time with them instead of "meeting in the middle."

Hopefully the landscaper will show up Friday as promised.  We purchased a new Lazy Boy double recliner loveseat and it is supposed to come Saturday.  I have a hard time getting things done at home so I pray these two things actually happen! 

"Blessed is he who expects nothing for he shall never be disappointed."  ~ Alexander Pope

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