Friday, January 31, 2014

We Got Our Fair Share of the Crazy Weather

On Sunday we visited the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge and took the tram tour.  We saw them feed snakes and something that looked like an eel in an aquarium and stopped to visit a friend of Kara's parents who workamp there but they were not home.  After sharing a dinner with Eileen and Tom, we retired to our individual rigs to watch the Play Off games.

Monday was beautiful and we went to the Open House next door where folks own their double site along with a coach house.  We were interested in touring the facilities further and to check on rentals.  It is amazing what you can do in 200 sq. ft. In the coach houses.  We ended up renting the spot that belongs to one of Ted's shooting buddies.  He will be in Arizona next winter.  We will have a pad for the trailer next to a pad for the truck and a furnished coach house we can use.  It has a full bath, washer and dryer and a refrigerator.  There is also easy chairs and a TV but we won't use it for that.  Now my calendar extends to March 1, 2015!

Tuesday and Wednesday were cold and windy.  Everyone stayed inside for the most part.  Eileen and I did a little shopping.  We attended margarita night and met a few more folks.  We like the size of our park because you can meet most everyone eventually.

 Thursday was our group dinner at Schneider's German restaurant.  Each year Dulce and Berndt arrange this outing.  It gave us a chance to say goodbye to everyone.  

We had purchased Dolphin Watch Tour tickets at the travel show and Friday was our last chance to use them.  The weather cooperated and we drove to South Padre Island.  Tom and Eileen were surprised how much like Florida beach towns it was.  We had lunch at Dirty Al's, after a bit of a tour around town, then boarded our boat.  Turned out we got the dolphin watch combined with the eco tour which turned out to be very interesting.  

I have some photos on my camera but I need to download them.  In the meantime here is a shot of how far I got with my Swedish Weaving class.  I think I know enough to complete the afghan.  Also there are two shots from Friday.  One is a sand castle in front of the Visitor's Center and the other is us at lunch.  I will do a photo entry when I get a chance to download the rest of the photos.

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