Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So Tired of the Rain!

Last summer we had quite a bit of rain and everyone in Texas told us to bring it home.  I think we did and still are!  It is in the 40s and raining every day.  We are getting real tired of being cooped up.

Monday we arrived in Mission and got set up in the rain and the flooded patio at our site.  Then we went to WalMart to finish grocery shopping.  Eileen bought a rotsserie chicken and we had that with leftover sweet potatoes and vegetables for dinner.

We decided to not attend the dance here in the park for New Year's Eve and instead planned to go to church, dinner and a show.  Then we learned there was only one Mass at 11:30 pm followed by a potluck dinner.  We knew we would never make it that late so we agreed to a show, then dinner.  Eileen chose The Wolf of Wall Street.  We lasted about 10 minutes in that movie before walking out.  I spoke to the manager about seeing a different movie in place of the garbage being shown.  Based on show times we chose to go to dinner then return for a later showing of Walter Mitty.  

We were able to walk right into Cheddar's and had a real nice dinner.  We returned in time to see the movie which was a whole lot better than that first one.  It was about 11:00 when we returned and retired to our own units.

Today we were able to see the church with its renovations and expansion completed.  It is beautiful!  Fr. Roy is certainly pleased and we were delighted to see him and tell him how much we enjoyed all the changes.  We came back and ate beef stew I had made along with salad and biscuits before going to the Margarita hour followed by an information meeting for the 100+ folks that showed up this week.

The rain is SUPPOSED to be over and the temperaturees are to climb back to normal.  Let's hope the weather guessers are right this time.  

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