Saturday, January 25, 2014

One More Week

Sunday we had a progressive dinner for 250 people.  It had never been done and the Activity Chairs were flying by the seat of their pants but it came off very well.  There were four venues.  The first was appetizers and wine, next was salads.  There were so many to choose from along with more wine.  Our circle was responsible for the potato bar.  Eileen and I went to Sam's and bought butter, sour cream and nacho cheese.  There was also brisket, pulled pork and chili.  Last was desserts, an ice cream bar and a coffee bar complete with Bailey's, Kalua, etc.  Quite a nice meal with lots of socializing with so many people on the move.  I think it will be done again since it was such a success.  We really enjoyed it and met several new people.

Monday we went to Mexico.  Ted, Eileen and I all got our teeth cleaned.  She also had hers whitened.  While we waited for her, Tom, Ted and I went to Rene's for coffee and a pastry.  She still wasn't ready so Ted got a hair cut and a pedicure.  Total bill for the day - $70!  It was such a beautiful day and we enjoyed sitting in the plaza listening to music and watching the people enjoying drinks.  It was another nice day.

Tuesday we had to find a repair place for Tom's fan blower.  We found the dealership but the service wasn't there!  We finally found it and got the car dropped off.

Dave and Karen came over on Wednesday.  Don, Ted and Dave went shooting while Eileen, Karen Trudy and I went to a boutique and restaurant for a girl's day out.  Since Eileen didn't have a car, I had to drive our truck while Dave drove the fellows in his truck.  They picked up Tom afterwards and he joined them for lunch.  I drove the truck fine but it is a PIA to park with those dually wheels!

I have been working on a Swedish Weave afghan to drape over my antique trunk.  I had all my stuff and minimal direction but successfully started and completed a few inches of the center pattern.  Thursday afternoon I made it to class and learned some more things but they said I was doing fine.  That evening  there was an ice cream social at the clubhouse.  We have made many new friends in the absence of our old crowd.

Friday was cold and drizzly and Eileen made another trip to the dentist for a filling and we did laundry.  That evening we enjoyed the Farnum Family Singers.  It was another fun group to see.  I am always amazed at the amount of talent in one family!  You would think one or two talented folks, but six?  There are many families that perform down here so all that talent is not unusual.

Today we visited the Custom Car Show in McAllen, ate lunch at Cheddar's, went to church and came home to play card bingo.  Eileen won so I am the only one who never one at all this trip.  By next Saturday we will hopefully be east of Houston for the night.

We haven't planned out next week but the days seem to fill themselves.  I know Kristin is anxious for me to arrive to help with the last of the arrangements.  First up, contacting those who have missed the 1/25 RSVP date.  Why oh why is it so hard to check yes or no, choose an entree and mail a card that is already addressed and stamped?  I will never understand, but it happens all the time.  

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Carol said...

Really sounds like you are having a great time, as usual! So much to do and so little time to do it in. Hope you have a wonderful last week!