Saturday, January 4, 2014

The End of the First Week

On Thursday we decided to drive to the Shrine to show it to Eileen and Tom.  We have never seen it all done up for Christmas and it was decorated beautifully.

Tom said he tried to count the poinsettias but gave up.  They have mariachi bands play at Mass so one Sunday we may go there.  But you know how I hate to miss time with Fr. Roy.

Afterwards we went to the produce market and then stopped to say hello to Dave, Karen, Dulce and Berndt.  We are invited by Karen to a lunch later on this month at their new park.

Yesterday we went to Mexico.  We got some eye drops at the pharmacy and Ted had his two belts reworked reducing them by six inches.  Then he bought another one for his championship belt buckle. Eileen bought a purse and Tom a belt.  I didn't buy anything.  We went right through customs with no problems after having walked several blocks in the market area.

We stopped for lunch and then went to Premium Outlets where Ted and Tom bought new jeans.  Ted's old ones are so big and puddling around his shoes besides.  He found a pair but they only had the one pair in his size so we will go back next week to see if they get in more.

When we returned home we went to the entertainment presented in the clubhouse.  It was Freddie and Sheila on guitar and singing.  We laughed a lot and sang along when instructed to.  I like when the audience gets to participate.

Today Ted went shooting.  I did laundry in the laundromat and came home to find a leak.  Tom and I think we found it to be the line for the washer.  Since I don't have one, I don't know why it was even on.  So we turned both the hot and cold lines off at the manifold and had to mop up the water.  I am glad I found it as soon as it started.  Ted will be on the phone Monday asking who to call for warranty work.  We have a fellow down here we really like and will suggest we be allowed to call him.  Ted feels it is no more than a loose connection.  Maybe because we didn't order a washer, that line wasn't tested properly.

Tommy and Susan want to come here the last week in January.  The park is full but I learned Kathy's private spot was being vacated by her so Eileen and I went to see when she was leaving and if it would be available for Tommy to rent.  She was there in her new Landmark yesterday and today they were gone!  So I put a call into Stella to get a phone number so I can get in touch with her.

We went to Mass tonight where Fr. Roy's llama served as the 3 King's camel.  They created a hump for him under a red cover and he stood next to the crib munching on hay for the rest of Mass after the gospel was read.  The dogs had crowns on but Benito didn't like his.  Fr. Roy said he was in his Terrible Twos and not acting nice.  Tom and Eileen are enjoying attending church with us at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Tonight was card bingo at the clubhouse and our long table was hot but none of us won anything in our little group.  We are in for the night and heading to the flea market tomorrow.  Eileen and Tom want to get a wooden name sign made plus look around at what else is there.

The last two days have been beautiful but the cold gripping the nation is due to hit here too.  What a wacky winter.

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Carol said...

Tuesday and Wednesday we are suppose to be in the low 30's here/ with the high's only making it to the upper 40's,low 50's. While I don't want to complain, seeing temperatures in the north west, but that's cold for us. Sounds like you are having a good time (I still would love to go to a mass just to see Fr. Roy, the way you talk about him!) You guys have fun and stay warm!