Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Last Day with Eileen and Tom

First it was the MiFi and next it was my phone.  No one can hear me.  I tried cleaning the little holes by the microphone but that didn't help.  So I checked on line and I was due an upgrade last September.  I found a "dumb" phone for 99 cents.  It even has big keys!  All I want is to talk and text.

There is a Verizon store at the next exit so off we went.  Apparently the microphone is going in my phone but the closest phone they had to what I want is $200 in the store.  So I will wait until our end of Forwarding kicks in with the post office and order the $1 phone on line and have it sent home.  I don't want it caught in a mail loop of forwarding.  So if you need me, try email or Ted's cell.

From there we went to the Anheuser Busch brewery.  We have been to the one in St. Louis which is huge and has the Clydesdales on site.  This was much lower keyed than that. 

Their grounds are always beautiful and we were able to see tanks and lines operating much closer than in the larger brewery.  We had a delightful young man as our guide and gave him a run for his money with questions.  I now know what Beechwood Aging is!

Afterwards, just as in St. Louis and in Denver at Coors, there is a pub with free drinks at the end.  I tried the straw-ber-rita since I don't like beer.  I didn't like it either!  So off to the root beer dispenser for me!

Ted, Tom and Eileen sampled six of the dozen or so beers available.  We were all amazed at the many different brands they produce.  Not all kinds are made at all sites however.  This brewery produces two kinds.  It was getting late into the afternoon when we got home.

It has been a great three weeks with Eileen and Tom.  Today they head south for home and we start west.  But we will stop a few days here and there along the way.  They will be with us for Christmas and then travel with us to the Rio Grande Valley until the first of February.  From there we all head back to Florida where Larry and Kristin's wedding will take place.  

I'll catch y'all down the road!

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