Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Best RV Park Ever

We decided to spend one more day in Louisiana so we could take a swamp tour in the Atchafalaya National Heritage area.  We have driven the 18 mile bridge over the Basin many times and decided it was time to take a closer look.

We booked a morning tour with Champagne Tours and had a full boat.  There were several gators swimming around the area.  Despite the sign not to feed them, I'm sure they get food thrown to them constantly.  At least it insures you will see one.

I am glad we had a National Park Service employee at Okefenokee Swamp because this Cajun only knew what he knew.  The white water lilies here had very long stems.  When I asked if these lilies were different from the white ones that float ON the water he said those were purple water hyacinths I must be referring to.  Huh?  


The ranger in Georgia had explained to us about the decaying matter turning into peat on the bottom and releasing methane gas.  When a girl asked about the bubbles he told her it was just pressure from the boat!  He explained about the Spanish moss hanging from the trees.  A man asked what was the difference between Spanish moss and peat moss and he said he didn't know!

Another thing we learned in Georgia was that the water repellent characteristics of the plant below was instrumental in the development of Gortex used in waterproof clothing.

It was a beautiful ride and we saw lovely, graceful Great Blue Herons, Green and White Herons that didn't take off like the blue ones did, turtles and alligators.

We came home, had lunch and went to the water park here.  This has to be THE BEST park we have ever stayed in.  Besides the great RV sites there is miniature golf, fishing, gym, theater, arts & craft room, video poker, three snack bars, a swim up bar, video poker and golf cart rentals.  The water park is several pools.  There is a lazy river type hot tub, an over 21 area at the swim up bar, large pool, another area for bigger kids and a 1-2 foot deep pool with slides, ships, dragons, buckets that dump, poles that sprinkle, etc. for little ones.  Then there is a pool just for the tubular slides to end in and another area for volley ball.  There are plenty of lounge chairs and shaded areas.  For the first hour or so we had the entire pool area to ourselves.

We came home at dinner time, showered, ate dinner and started to pack up what needs to go home with us.  We leave a lot in here but perishable groceries and most of our clothes, clean and dirty, need to be dealt with.  Then there are the things we have accumulated along the way.  I took several things for folks and remembered to give them out.  We will need to go home with the truck loaded down and use my car for the second trip.  

I have Happy Hour tomorrow night, Shanghai on Thursday and the first theater performance on Friday plus sandwiches to make for a funeral.  But I have begged off Happy Hour and Shanghai, changed our theater tickets to the next week and will make the sandwiches and send Ted up to church with them.  A haircut and color will be my first thing to do on Thursday if I can get in.  Next up, the nail salon.  Then I will be ready to get my groove back.

"The first person to eat an oyster was either really brave or else really hungry”  ~ Oysterman; Houma, Louisiana

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Carol said...

Isn't it amazing how some people don't know what they are talking about - but they are suppose to be "experts"? Anyway, welcome home!