Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Movin' On

Monday I was up early and cleaned the inside of the RV and then did two loads of laundry.  Ted checked the tires, emptied the tanks, put his bike back in the carrier, etc.  We would be ready to roll before 8 am on Tuesday.

My MiFi was blinking red in the morning and wasn't connecting to the internet.  We drove to a Verizon store and were "helped" by a young man who was, as Ted said, "useless as tits on a boar hog."  We learned they don't make my particular MiFi anymore, they don't carry our battery and he couldn't tell me if it was the battery or MiFi not working.  He did however offer to upgrade us to a new 4G unit raising our bill $15 AND we could no longer turn it off and on as needed.

We went to Battery Plus and for $30 got a new battery and voila!  It worked.  When we came back Tom told us he just got the new 4G AND the off and on service with the higher rate quoted to us.  I guess you need second opinions when choosing electronics since some peole aren't well versed.  I hope they send me a survey.

All of us then went to Williamsburg Pottery to visit all the shops.  We bought a few little things I needed for the trailer, Eileen bought two fly swatters.  For dinner everyone fixed what rhey wanted from leftovers and brought it out to the picnic table.

Tuesday we left shortly before 8:00 and rolled into South of the Border campground around 2:00.  If you have ever traveled I-95 you will recognize this as the ultimate tourist trap with a Mexican flair.  It is south of the North Carolina border!  However, the campground is very nice.  After we got set up we walked around a bit and took some silly photos.

We weren't impressed with the restaurant.  The deep fry smell permeated the lobby so we went back and fixed our WalMart pizzas.  Afterwards we walked the campground and ventured back to the ice cream parlor for a cone.

We are still on I-95 heading for Jacksonville.  ERA according to the GPS is 1:26 but she doesn't know we will stop in a rest area for lunch!

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