Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rolling in Bowling Green

Today we met the kids at their motel and drove to Mammoth Cave National Park.  We had tickets purchased on line for the New Entrance Tour.  We had done the Historic Tour two years ago while in the area.  Despite the warnings we had no problems negotiating this tour either.

Tour Description

This trip begins with a bus ride over the top of the cave to the New Entrance. Discovered in the 1920's it opened a whole new opportunity for visitors to see Mammoth Cave.

Tour Details

  • Duration: 2 hr. 00 min.
  • Distance: .75 miles
  • Number of Steps: 500
  • Accessible: No
  • Effort: Moderate

Know Before You Go

This trip will have an elevation change of 250 feet and you will descend and climb a total of 500 steps.


Not accessible.


No restrooms.

The Frozen Niagara area at the end of this tour was spectacular.   It was worth all the steps and walking  to get there.

We parted company and went to lunch while they all headed back to the motel to swim.  At 5:00 the kids were  brought back to the park and we took them to see Monster U followed by a trip to McDonald's for them.  Ted had a cone while they ate but I didn't order anything.  Our lunch had been about 2:30 and I wasn't hungry.

While we had the kids Bill and Kara took his friends and their wives to dinner.  I am sure they enjoyed their time out with just adults.

After we came back to the park, they came for the kids and took our laundry back with them.  They have access at night to the commercial laundry at the motel and said they would do what I had.  We have nine days worth plus the bedclothes so it will be a big help.

Not sure what is up for tomorrow.  We have storm warnings for tonight and it has started raining.  We will regroup in the morning


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Carol said...

Got caught up tonight - looks and sounds like you had a great reunion - tons of fun and lots of family time. Dan and I did Mammouth Cave about six years ago (before our time on the road) - I think I would like to do the new entrance (but I don't know if Dan could handle it). So, where are you off to next?