Friday, June 14, 2013

NOT Cruising

All of a sudden everything seemed to be creeping up on me and I found myself with a lot to get done.  I made a nail appointment, hair appointment and dentist appointment.  I arranged for my hanging baskets to be taken care of for the summer since Chris "doesn't do flowers."  There were so many phone calls to make - reservations for some of the campgrounds we are going to, our mail service, hotel block for the wedding, CD rollover (laughable situation if it wasn't so sad!), etc., etc., etc.  Where was all this coming from at the last minute????

I cleaned the house top to bottom last Thursday and Friday.  I wore myself out but I certainly did sleep well those two nights.  After church on Saturday we went to Terry and Carol's for dinner because their daughter and son-in-law were in for a visit.  They have hosted three of their four kids the past month.  Plus they were in Illinois last month for a First Communion and are going to New York for a graduation.  It seems everyone is on the go.

Monday night I had them over for dinner and we played cards afterwards.  We were teaching Shanghai to Sharon and Don so they could play Wednesday night with our group.

I put in four hours at the Thrift Shop on Tuesday so I have 8 of my 50 hours done so far.  Considering that's all I will have until September, it isn't a very big number but with good planning and sign-up help from my friends I should be OK by next May when the year ends.

I went from there to the dentist and had planned to meet Gerre for dinner but such a terrible thunderstorm rolled through we decided not to meet.  The next day she dropped off a beautiful pendant made of sea glass for me for watching Tucker.  It wasn't necessary but certainly is appreciated.

Wednesday was our buffet dinner and card night at the golf course clubhouse.  They do a nice job of dinner for a good price.  I came in second at my table by one point and Ted lost second place by one point at his table!  My dime purse was getting low so I was glad to get some back.  Of course they will sit now until we return in September.

I attended my last neighborhood luncheon until the Fall.  The one person I wanted to talk to had a funeral to attend so I didn't get to ask her about having her master bath redone.  Her husband is also on the water board and I wanted to know if we are allowed to go to three days watering.  Two days is OK now because we've had rain but the temperatures are going to increase and the rains come less so I will have to instruct Chris on how to add a day to the timer if they lift the restriction while we are gone.  I don't want a $100 fine every week for watering one day too many.  Big Brother is watching everywhere it seems!

I have turned our Mi-Fi back on for the summer.  It is our Internet connection while we are gone.  I love being able to use my computer and I-Pad in the car while traveling.  We have two plugs also if the batteries wear down.  Such advancement in technology. 

We are packing and loading this weekend.  Besides church tomorrow evening, we have no social plans.  Ted will shoot on Sunday.  I am playing bunco on Monday.  Tuesday we head out with an expected arrival in Bardstown, KY on Thursday.

Next time you hear from me it should be from the Bourbon Trail.  What an appropriate place for my family to meet.  If you gave my kids a sniff of bourbon and asked them what it reminded them of they would say Uncle Ray and Uncle Bill.  God rest their souls.

“Tough girls come from New York. Sweet girls, they're from Georgia. But us Kentucky girls, we have fire and ice in our blood. We can ride horses, be a debutante, throw left hooks, and drink with the boys, all the while making sweet tea, darlin'. And if we have an opinion, you know you're gonna hear it.”

  ~ Ashley Judd


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