Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Back in Central Time

I didn't leave the RV all day on Monday.  By the time I slept in, got things put where they belonged, took a shower and dressed, it was raining pretty hard outside.  I said a quiet "thank you" for the great weather we had all weekend during the reunion.  Taking it easy the rest of the day was just what I needed.  The owner finally stopped by to get his check and had no idea how many nights we had stayed.  Crazy way to run a business.

On Tuesday we headed south to Bowling Green where we are in a KOA because it is at the same exit as the motel that Bill's friend owns where he, Kara and the kids are staying.  Two free rooms are hard to pass up.  They came down Sunday and spent the day at Lost Cave yesterday.  Ted and I visited it two years ago so they went before our arrival.

The whole bunch of them arrived at the KOA park and we took a ride to Bill's friends' house and visited an Aviation Park.  You can sit in your car and listen to a description of the planes and the Kentuckians who flew them.  Then we got out to look at them up close.

We stopped at JCP to return Ted's Father's Day gift and then stopped at Brands where he got something else.   

Next we went over to the motel pool for a picnic.  Because we are close to Camping World we went there to get toilet chemicals before we started swimming.  Finally we went back and went swimming until early evening.

Tomorrow we are going to Mammoth Cave.  We took the Historical tour two years ago.  I think we are doing the Entrance tour tomorrow if Kara got a reservation.  Otherwise we will take what is available.

At 18 our convictions are hills from which we look; at 45 they are caves in which we hide.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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