Thursday, February 14, 2013

Boat Rides, Shows, Day at the Beach

Here are a couple of photos from our trip to Mexico.  Cindy is in Mexico and Tim is in the U.S.  This is on the bridge over the Rio Grande as we walked into Mexico.

Our anniversary drink in Progreso to honor Karen and Ron's 54th wedding anniversary.

Friday morning Tim cooked us breakfast at their casita and then we took a boat ride on the Rio Grande River. Ted and I did this about 8 years ago and we were truly shocked this time. The development on the Mexican side was astonishing! Both public and private beautiful construction was going on. The only thing I noticed different on our side was the total collapse of the restaurant, Pepe's On The River. During the flood of 2010, it became Pepe's IN The River.  To see it just hanging there in total collapse from the river side was astounding.  There has been no attempt to tear it down and so it just hangs there as a terrible eyesore.

Afterwards we took a ride to the ropas (clothes in Spanish) to show them a few places with the mountains of clothes and people climbing all over them.  What they purchase will end up at a flea market or hanging on their fences for sale.  It is a sight to see.

That evening Crosstrung performed at our park and we had second row seats.  The group is from Utah, all family, and they were truly amazing.  Their two fiddle players were unbelievably talented and they had the audience participate which is always fun.  Everyone enjoyed the show and my family was amazed that we were able to see such quality entertainment here in the park for $5.

Saturday we went to the Don-Wes flea market and produce stands.  Karen and Cindy were interested in the bathing suit store and they both ended up with new suits.  We all bought fruit and I bought a new rug for the bottom of the RV steps.  At 4:00 we went to church and Fr. Roy was his usual self and they enjoyed his sermon.  There was an ice cream social followed by Pokeeno that evening at the clubhouse.  Cindy and Tim borrowed park bikes and rode to the state park while we "old folks" stayed at the clubhouse.  None of us won anything but we enjoyed the evening.

The weather was supposed to be the warmest and sunniest on Sunday so we chose that day to go to the beach at South Padre Island.  It went to 95 degrees and for once the weatherman was right.

Tim brought his metal detector and walked the beach with it but found only a few coins, none of which were gold doubloons!

He had to watch where he walked, as did everyone, because jellyfish were all over the place.  When we arrived, the yellow caution flag was flying.  By the time we left the red flag was up along with the purple one.  This meant "do not go in the water" and "jellyfish are present." 

Dirty Al's, a South Padre Island institution, was our choice for dinner.  We chose a platter the size of a cafeteria tray covered with french fries and 40 pieces of fish, shrimp and chicken on top.  It fed all of us for $38 and was absolutely some of the best fish I have ever eaten.  You could also include oysters if you wanted but no one wanted them. 

On Monday everyone did their own thing.  Ronnie went fishing in the state park, Cindy and Tim went antiquing in Harlingen and then returned to Mexico, Ted and I went to the HitchHiker monthly luncheon and Karen watched her soap operas.  It was a change of pace that everyone enjoyed.

Tuesday morning everyone but Ted went to the Mexican flea market.  I guess they call it this because all the vendors are Mexican!  Little English is spoken and the signs are in Spanish.  I bought a pair of silver earrings, Ron and Tim bought Colt knives and that was about it.  The car returning to Cincinnati was at its capacity and Cindy and Tim only had carry on bags for the plane. 

Ted and I went to the Palapa to help decorate for the Mardi Gras party and put streamers on Roger's truck.  The parade began at 5:00 and somehow I ended up sitting in the truck facing backwards.  Roger was standing over the cab with his I-Pod playing "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey" while Vern and John sat on the tailgate.  We all threw candy and beads to the park residents before culminating at the Palapa for the party.  This is the view from my seat in the pick-up bed.

Our friends and neighbors Karen and Dave with their dog Smoki, who has outfits for every occasion.

Wednesday morning Karen and Ron left.  Around 2 o'clock they called and said they were north of Houston trying to make Texarkana.  That is a l-o-n-g haul in one day.  Ted took Cindy and Tim to the airport for their 11 o'clock flight.  I received a text message around 5 saying they had arrived to snow in Cincinnati.

We had a great time while they were here and now we will settle back into our normal routine.  This first month has flown by but we still have another one before heading home.

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Carol said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Can't tell you how much Dan and I miss the road (of course, if we were on the road we wouldn't be taking care of the little one, but the "itch" is still there!) Enjoy your month!