Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Canasta, Canasta and almost more Canasta

Saturday we subbed in the Couple's Canasta Group, once again at Jennifer's house. But this is a bigger group and we played four tables. I had absolutely terrible cards all night and came out low. Unfortunately they stopped paying for low. Wouldn't you know it? Just when I finally moved out of the middle but in the wrong direction? If you don't have a wild card Canasta all four hands, you are toast. I only had one!

Ted went shooting on Sunday and I was glad to stay home and worked on Christmas shopping from the luxury of my PJs in the office chair in front of the computer. I hate to shop so Amazon and I have a love affair going on. I have everyone done but my oldest daughter and her husband. Ted and I don't buy for each other anymore. If we want something, we buy it ourselves. I guess most married people get to that point.

I was supposed to play Canasta on Monday with one of my regular groups but the hostess became ill while making preparations so it was called off about two hours before we were to meet. I was actually on my way home from the doctor when I got the call on my SYNC system. Love it! That gave me free time and I slept a lot of the afternoon. I had been a bit under the weather and I think I needed the rest.

Yesterday I worked four more hours at the thrift store. It is hard work when you are sorting clothes. Hanging and tagging them isn't so bad. A lady came in with a whole SUV filled with toys and larger size women's clothes. The toys will go quickly and we never have enough big size clothes so we were glad to get them. Another lady, whose mother had passed away, brought in all her clothes in a bit bigger size too. So it was a productive day. Just as I was leaving the rain started and Grace made me a plastic bag raincoat. It worked!

The rain stopped so Ted got to go shooting and I took care of some of that "paperwork" I am always complaining about. The end of the year brings so much stuff you need to hang on too coupled with a zillion catalogues to clutter up the mailbox.

Today is ... you guessed it ... Canasta. And you know where? Jennifer's! I'm not sure how she got stuck doing three different Canastas in a row and I'm not sure she knows either. Today's games really should have been on the Thursday that is Thanksgiving so it had to be moved. Wish me luck! Or at least a good partner!

Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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