Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Battle with the Calendar

Monday I was knee deep in laundry and had to meet Kate around noon to pick up Christmas gifts she had made. I got back on track at home because the rest of the week was BUSY!

I worked my four hour shift at the Thrift Store and then stopped off at Rayford to see Jay & Stella's new Landmark 5th wheel. It is VERY nice inside and has all the bells and whistles. They recently returned from a few weeks in the Rio Grande Valley and we hadn't seen them since they left us in Michigan last July.

I had a dentist appointment early Wednesday and we are going to finally address a tooth that is in bad shape. The problem is a bridge is attached to it. I think this is going to be a long (and expensive) process. I now have an appointment with a prosthodontist the last week in November. That is the day after I am to report for jury duty so I hope I really don't have to serve, or if I do, for no more than one day!

From the dentist I went to the Junior Forum office for lunch and to practice our Book Smart play. First practice I played Dwayne the nasty cowboy. I know my lines but really need to study up exits, entrances and what is said before I speak. Most of us are in the same situation. Those that have done this in the past were able to move us along. The second go round I worked the music/sound effects. Kathy and I made a few notations to keep me on cue, like Cotton Eye Joe has to play through the entire ball until the clock strikes 12. (This is a cowboy version of Cinderella.) I think by the first week in January, everyone will be right on target.

Ted was in Fort Worth so I took the opportunity to go to Happy Hour at the country club for the first time in six months. The lady who handles this is undergoing chemo right now and the reminder didn't go out until yesterday so only two other gals showed up. But we stayed until 9 o'clock just talking. When 12-16 people are there you can't do that so it was enjoyable.

I drove to meet my neighbor ladies for lunch Thursday afternoon. They were all going shopping afterwards but I had a hair appointment and had to get on my way. I think when your hair gets to be more than about seven colors, the hair police can come after you so it was time to do something about all those roots showing! I arrived home just in time for the Glass fellow to come and measure for sliding shower doors in the guest bath. It has a shower curtain now and I want to get rid of that. We talked of redoing the whole bathroom but decided against it. We don't want to overdo the house in today's market.

This morning was the Children's Festival for the Title One schools. Our group of four had nine buses of children to unload, one of which was a special needs bus. We had this bus park where it could get out first because those children were leaving first and would not be eating lunch at the park. Jeannie led the group and I brought up the rear. Once we moved a row of chairs to accommodate the wheelchairs, we went back to help with the other eight busloads. The hardest part was keeping the schools from getting mixed into one another. Our school was going to the left, the one walking beside us was going to the right. We had to be sure the students didn't mingle and get into the wrong group. Once we got them settled we could relax. At one point the Special Needs teacher was up and I checked with her. She was getting another teacher to help her with a bathroom stop for a wheelchair bound student. She said they were fine and there was a chaperon with the other children.

Once the two stage shows were over we took them out first but another school came up the center aisle and we were back trying to keep this group separate. One of the autistic boys apparently doesn't like to be touched and was fussing when I put my arm out to stop them from mixing with the other school. The aide came up to him and he continued on with the group. It certainly wasn't a hard day but we were there a long time.

I think I might order a pizza tonight and put my feet up. It's been an interesting week.

You have got to keep autistic children engaged with the world. You cannot let them tune out. ~ Temple Grandin

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Carol said...

And such is the every day life of a teacher! Now you know why I was so tired every day! LOL! Put those feet up and relax for a little while, everything will wait - at least that's my motto.