Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tucker's Going Camping

Friday morning I picked up Peg and we proceeded to the Junior Forum office for the regular monthly meeting. We have to attend four a year and this is the first one I've made. I also have only worked two out of 50 hours so far because some of what I've done is support hours and those are different. I am so far behind someone is going to think I'm in first place. I am scheduled for a total of 24 between now and the first of the year so there's hope for me yet. If I can get on the schedule for Gift Distribution, I'll be ahead a little. We sign up for the second half of the year in January but we're going to be gone the whole month of February and the first two weeks in April so that puts a burden on me for the rest of the time. Somehow I'll work it out.

We attended Wind Down where Alton had my bottle of Riesling waiting. He was wondering when I was going to come back. No one likes the sweet Riesling wine but me so I have my own private bottle. There were wood trays with wine glasses sitting on top the stove burners and apparently one of the women leaned against the knob and turned it on. All of a sudden we had a tray burning and flames leaping. We got it out quickly but it was more excitement than any of us wanted. We didn't stay late and were home around 10.

Last night we went to the lake to play Shang Hai with Gerre and Barry. Their house is really coming together now that all the furniture from the old lake house is now at the new lake house. We picked up a pizza and ate out on the back porch. If the lake had water it would have added a dimension but alas, still no rain. Afterwards we taught Ted to play Shang Hai. He picked it up quickly and by Round 6 was in the lead. But he too got caught with his entire hand on the last round and it allowed me to go into first place. He said he liked it and we're scheduled to play next Saturday at Jennifer and Gene's.

Gerre & Barry had asked if we wanted to go on a 5-day cruise over Thanksgiving since our kids are not coming after all. We are scheduled for two cruises next year and said we were going to go to Rayford with friends for that weekend. They had made a reservation for Tucker at the kennel because they knew we were going to be gone but there's absolutely no reason Tucker can't come camping with us. So he is. Ted will have a dog to walk with all his friends who walk their dogs. Tucker is absolutely no problem and it will be fun to have him along.

We're going to Canton Trade Days with the Boomers, then the Thanksgiving weekend at Rayford and will attend the Boomer's Christmas rally too. I told Chris just to leave his stuff here because he is going to be in and out. He doesn't stay when we're home but there's no reason to take his stuff back and forth. He is a God send to us.

Our friends Rick and Brenda are back in town from Seattle. They were going to come today but at the last minute decided to come tomorrow. That's about the only day I have free until next Friday and they spend the weekends with their family. They will be workamping at Livingston State Park for three months so we'll see them a few times I'm sure. Livingston is a lot further away than Timber Ridge where they worked in the past.

You have to put in many, many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile. ~ Brian Tracy

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Carol said...

Sounds like you had some unexpected excitement with the fire - but at least it wasn't bad. Sounds like you are going to stay busy as usual - just remember to take time for Donna! Tell Rick and Brenda hello from us when you see them!