Sunday, October 9, 2011

Busy, Then Sick

I attended my first practice at Book Smart on Tuesday. First there was a light lunch followed by an introduction to the book and program. Bubba, The Cowboy Prince is a Cinderella story Texas-style. We put the story on as a play and then each second grade child receives a hard covered copy. These performances are at Title One schools which have the most at risk students. Most of the time it is the first hard covered book the child has ever owned.

I am in charge of music and sound effects and when not doing that I will be Dwayne one of two mean cowpokes. We all have to learn two parts/jobs in case of absences. We will have two more practices before presenting the play five times over the winter.

Thursday I was up and out early to the Autumn Party at Regent Care Nursing Home. I was in charge of Table 6 and had five lovely ladies gathered. They said they were the Golden Girls and we had a fun time. Our Merry Melodies did a Hit Parade through the decades of songs that mean so much to these elderly folks. During one, Ivy age 87, told me used to dance to the song with soldiers and sailors at the USO in San Francisco when she was 18. It was a huge success. I always feel good when I leave there knowing I made someone's day a little brighter.

Friday Rebecca came to clean and I worked on getting the rest of my paper work done. I'm in good shape now. But I started with a cold and by that evening I was going down hill quickly. On Saturday morning I called the hosts of a surprise birthday party we were to attend to tell them we would not be there. No one needed exposure to my germs. I slept all day and all night.

This morning I was still a little weak and chilled but made myself get up and do some things. I started feeling better and decided to make some chicken soup. If that didn't cure me, nothing was going to. Ted had bought skinny noodles from the Amish and had been after me to use them. They worked great in the soup and Ted said it is excellent. I haven't eaten any yet but it smells good.

I intend to play Canasta tomorrow as long a I'm feeling well enough to sit up for three hours. I'll take Purell to clean my hands at each round so no one gets germs from holding the cards after me. What I don't understand is that I got a flu shot somewhere in Kentucky and Ted refused to get one ... and I'm sick!

To be seventy years young is sometimes far more cheerful and hopeful than to be forty years old ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

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