Thursday, October 27, 2011

Enjoying the Weather

It has been beautiful weather here ever since we returned 3.5 weeks ago. Fall and spring can't be beat, winters are about six weeks long and are mild but oh those summer months are killers. We still haven't received any rain to speak of and I read where the entire area is going to lose 66 million trees to the drought. We are heavily wooded and I can't help but think that maybe thinning the trees will be a good thing in the end, much like fire can be good for a forest.

Rick and Brenda came by on Monday and it was so good to see them. Last year we saw them for a very short time so we're looking forward to them being in the area for the next three months. We visited for a long time and then went to a new Five Guys for an early dinner. If going there, don't ever order a large fry, and never order two! I think there were 5 lbs. of potatoes in that bag.

Tuesday I was scheduled to work 10-2 at the thrift shop for Junior Forum. It's a long story how I came to be scheduled for four hour stints so many weeks in a row. But I do need the hours so I'm going to do them except for next week when Peggy is taking my place because it is my Shang Hai day. Standing and bending over pulling clothes out of bags for four hours is a killer on this old back. I came home so tired I took a nap, something I seldom do.

Ted went shooting and I went to play Canasta at Sue Anne's. I came in third but the scores were all really close. One game I was stuck with four pairs in my hand and couldn't get a third to lay any of them down. Frustrating.

I received my EZ Tag for my car so now the only thing I need is the Title and that transaction will all be done. We also received a letter saying we had to order our tickets to tour Versailles Palace in Paris now if we want to go in April! So I made that phone call in the morning. I keep remembering the "paperless society" they talked about when computers came on the scene. Who were they kidding? I'm awash in paper constantly it seems.

I sent Ted off to the grocery yesterday to get the things I need for Canasta here today. I also had to make a cake for a funeral at church. I have two of the four tables set up and will put the other two up this morning. My dishes are out and my drinks are chilling and my snacks are ready to go.

Rose is stopping by for the cake for the funeral. I am unable to help her this morning because of the remaining preparations here for Canasta. With 15 ladies coming at 1 o'clock, that would be pushing the envelope even for me. Ted is driving to San Antonio and back today because the World Sporting Clays competition with 2000 shooters is going on there now. He has to get out of the house anyway so he may as well do something he likes. Tomorrow looks like a free day. Yahoo!

"It is not time that we need to manage, but our attitude towards it - we all have the same amount, it is just how we use it that differs. Keep busy and keep getting results." ~ Anton Guinea

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