Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Pictures Yet

My kids tell me they liked it better when I worked ... they knew where I was. Between the mobility of cell phones and the RV, their first question now is "Where are you?" I have been on a merry-go-round since we got back the first of the month.

Last Friday we went to the lake and Ted loaded up my Expedition and Gerre's Lexus at the old lake house and we took it over to the new lake house. Barry had "big" gall bladder surgery and isn't able to lift. The contents we brought gave Gerre things to do the rest of the weekend in getting settled. Their big mover comes tomorrow for what is left.

After a very busy week, I was happy to stay home on Saturday and even opted not to attend church but to wait until Sunday. I had to prepare food and tables for bunco which took a good bit of the day because it was afternoon before we got home from church.

Bunco went off without a hitch except we are supposed to play 4 games, normally only play 3 but with all the talking we only got in 2! I love that the girls enjoy visiting so much. The game is just a reason to get together.

Tuesday I made egg salad for sandwiches to take to church for a funeral on Wednesday. Then we hung around waiting for the car transport to pick up my old Expedition to take it to NC. We finally got the call around 4:30 pm so we took off to deliver it to a parking lot big enough to accommodate the car hauler. We were glad it was on its way. Now I could get my new Expedition out of the garage and use it.

With 25.9 miles on the odometer I drove to my friend's to play Shang Hai. This is only my second time playing and I came in second. I was first until the last hand when I just couldn't get down and was caught with all my cards still in my hand. That sometimes happens.

I came home to a real Texas beef brisket just finished being smoked in Ted's smoker. It was as good as any brisket in any restaurant we've been to. Now he has to work on ribs. I'm happy to let him cook as much as he wants.

Today Ted put on his suit and I got dressed up to attend the visitation for Barb at the Rosewood Funeral Home. Ted found Dave's funeral program in one pocket, Amy's wedding program in the other.

It was so sad to see a poster that Mike labeled "our first and only RV trip after my retirement." They were half way through their summer trip when she was taken ill and returned to M.D. Anderson in Houston. He said he'll learn to cope but the other half of the queen bed will always be empty and he'll always miss her.

Ted drove me to the country club for the Newcomers luncheon and ran some errands. It was a nice afternoon and Gerre brought me home. Tomorrow is a Junior Forum meeting, up to the dealer to get my license plates and then the Wind Down cocktail party tomorrow night. If Barry is feeling up to it, Gerre and I are going to teach the fellows how to play Shang Hai.

Back to my car -- I programmed the garage door opener in the sunvisor, set my seat to respond to my memory key, called HOME on the SYNC, asked SYNC to take me home (which it did) and figured out the vent button opens the back side windows. There's a lot of bells and whistles to learn.

One of these days I'll take a picture. Just haven't had time.

Drive carefully! Remember, it's not only a car that can be recalled by it's maker.

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