Friday, September 9, 2011

Ted With The Camera

Friday was cool and misty so we decided to take a ride to Bardstown to look at the campground at My Old Kentucky Home State Park and to learn where the Balloon Glow is going to be on Tuesday. It is about 16 miles from where we are in Shepherdsville.

The campground is small and pretty tight in the bends with lots of trees. That's nice for small campers and pop-ups but not for big rigs like ours with four slides. We didn't visit the house because we had done that back in the early 80s. I remember two things: the room and desk where Stephen Foster sat to write "My Old Kentucky Home" and that I picked up an apple that fell from a tree and baked it with others into a pie. Just don't ask me what I did yesterday! That's what the blog is for.

We walked around downtown and stopped at the Elk Creek Winery and bought a bottle of Riesling. I could have done this in Owenton but for some reason didn't. Ted was fascinated by the old time lunch counter in a drug store so we went in for him to take a picture.

He also has been visiting the llamas and donkeys in the field across from us. In fact he just left with what are left of the carrots from yesterday's soup to feed them. Here are his contributions on the camera.

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Carol said...

Hey - Ted didn't do that bad of a job taking pictures!