Tuesday, September 27, 2011

HitchHiker International Rally

We traveled to Lebanon, TN outside of Nashville and arrived around noon on Friday. We were the 16th rig to check in and got one of the better spots. This is an agricultural center and spots are pretty much where you can find an electric outlet and water. However, we are backed up to a fence, all in a line. We are across the parking lot from the bathhouse and the building where our activities will take place.

That evening about 30 of us went to O'Charley's for dinner. They put us in one private section of the restaurant at tables of 4 or 6 and did a great job in getting the food out quickly and the checks correct. Not an easy feat on short notice.

Saturday night we attended the Grand Ole Opry. Guests included Little Jimmie Dickens who is 90 years old. The circle of wood he is standing on is from the Ryman Auditorium stage and was put in place when the new Opry theater was opened. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Dolly Parton were also appearing. You can see how big this theater is. We were in nose bleed heaven. The close up of Dolly is off the Jumbotron.

The whole complex was ruined last May during the floods. This year is "Country Comes Home" and many of the big stars are taking the time to play the Opry to increase attendance and revenue. There was a sell out crowd for Dolly and there are no tickets available until November so it seems to be working.

Sunday we attended church and then traveled back to the Opry area to take a luncheon cruise on the General Jackson.

It's a beautiful boat, the food was okay, the entertainment great but I felt rushed all afternoon. There never was time to just stand at the rail and watch whatever it was we passed. We could have stayed docked and it wouldn't have been any different for me. However, it was another opportunity to socialize with others from the HitchHiker rally and that's what this week is all about.

Yesterday Ted went to find a stud for the tire. When they took ours off, they broke one and couldn't find one to replace it. So we only have 7 instead of 8 on one tire. This is a pain because now we have to find a place with enough room to park the trailer so the tire can be removed and the stud and lug nut installed. It's always something! Stan's wife flew back to Texas to attend a function so he and I were going to lunch with Greg and Judy just as Ted drove in. So all five of us went to the Sunset Cafe, recommended by someone from the area. It was quite good and kept me from having to make dinner!

When we returned, Ted went over to the hall and called to tell me they needed one more player for Hand and Foot so I went over and played a game. Ted was invited to return to the shooting complex so he did and I went to the Meet and Greet. I turned in my two photos for the contest. Besides the butterfly in the animal category, I included this one of Sam and Morgan last year at Lake Huron in the people category. Wish me luck.

Ted returned before the Meet and Greet was over and stayed around while I came back to watch Dancing With The Stars.

We've had a circle outside our trailer everyday since we've been here but because of the asphalt, there is no campfire. It's getting cooler and a fire would be nice for a couple of reasons!

This morning is a continental breakfast put on by Skymed before their presentation. Ted is signed up to do coffee and doughnuts so I'll have to go wake him. More later.

"The Grand Ole Opry, to a country singer, is what Yankee Stadium is to a baseball player. Broadway to an actor. It's the top of the ladder, the top of the mountain. You don't just play the Opry; you live it." ~ Bill Anderson


Carol said...

Good luck with the photo contest - your shots are great, I love them! I absolutely love Nashville - when our daughter Crystal lived there I loved going to visit - there is always something to do - If you get the chance try to get to Pancake Pantry - always a country star there eating breakfast and the food is pretty good too! We love to go there and the one in Gatlinburg (only other one!) Enjoy your week! Hope you are able to read the new blog!

Barbara said...

Great photos! Sounds like you are having a really good time. I love O'Charley's - wish they had them in Texas. Christina & I ate at one in Mobile, AL last month. Gooood food!
Wish Dolly had been at the Grand Old Opry when I went there - 12 years ago on my birthday. We had good seats but it wasn't crowded then - no big stars.
Keep on havin' FUN!