Monday, September 12, 2011

Laid Back Weekend

Ted found a gun club near our campground so he left Saturday to shoot a few rounds. When he came home we went to church in the afternoon, ate at Big Boy and then went to the 44 Country Music Show. They had noticed our TX license plates and we became celebrities! They mentioned us from the stage a couple times and dedicated the second song, Houston, to us. They also sang Leaving San Antonio and Luckenbach, TX. It was a really good show and we enjoyed it a lot.

I cooked goetta for breakfast and we watched some of the 9/11 Memorials and football. Late in the afternoon we drove a short distance to have dinner with Jennie and Brian, Ted's niece and her husband and their three children. They have lived in Louisville for 10 years so we don't have a lot of opportunity to visit with them and really didn't know Brian very well. He is a delightful young man and an excellent husband and father. He cooked dinner and it was delicious.

They asked us questions about Jennie's grandparents and great-grandma who all died when she was young. And of course we talked about our travels and ended up the evening with a Political Science discussion since they said they aren't too informed on current politics!

Today was laundry day and we've not ventured anywhere outside the park. There is some sort of Gospel Singing Convention going on so the park is entirely full. We were very lucky to get in here. A HitchHiker friend stayed one night and really wanted to stay here but had to move on to Clarksville, IN since all the spots were reserved. A bridge across the river from KY to IN has been closed for repairs and it is playing havoc with traffic. I feel bad for the folks who need to use that bridge and must go way out of the way to another bridge to go back and forth. Glad I'm heading south on Wednesday.

We are going back to Bardstown tomorrow and hope there is good weather for the Balloon Glow in the evening. We'll spend the afternoon, have dinner and then come back home after the balloon event.

Wednesday we move to Cave City for no other reason than it is a Passport America Park and it is outside Mammoth Cave National Park. From there we go to Franklin and a week from Friday we'll arrive in Nashville for the HitchHiker rally. Then home!

Chris is bummed we are coming the weekend Rebecca is working her other Friday job. That means he will have to "tidy up" since she won't clean until the weekend after we get home. But he's elated with our plans for 2012 that will find him staying at our house as much or more than we do!

Did you see that the first three races at Belmont on Sunday were won by horses 9, 1, 1? What are the odds on that?

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Carol said...

You're going to Franklin, N.C.? Oh, enjoy the beautiful mountains for me. For some reason the mountains have really been on my mind this week. Have fun and travel safe!