Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day at the Lake

After doing laundry and grocery shopping, we decided to eat at Fat Boy's BBQ that we have been passing everyday as we drive into town. All I can say is that Fat Boy should leave the BBQing to just about any BBQer in our great state of Texas. We didn't complain but it was a big disappointment.

We went on to the square in town and set up our chairs for the last "Music on the Square" night in Georgetown. Two ladies out of Lexington called Mother Jane entertained us for two hours. Everyone was eating ice cream cones from the little place we had lunch a few days before. They were all complimenting this Blue Bell Ice Cream on its taste. We told them it was from Brenham, TX and it's all we eat back home.

Friday morning we got caught up, packed our things and headed out about noon for the lake. We took I-75 north for about 15 miles then 330 right into Owenton. It only took 45 minutes which is less than when we travel to it from Cincinnati. It was the hottest day of the year the weatherman said. The thermometer in the cabin said 104. We sat on the screened porch for awhile then switched to the dock in hopes a breeze off the water would cool us down.

By 4 o'clock we gave up and went to the Elk Creek Winery for dinner. It was too early to eat so we shared a bottle of wine before ordering ... anything to stretch out the time we could sit in the A/C. We eventually ate, enjoyed the music that started and visited with some of the help that Karen and Ronnie know.

On the way out I noticed small bottles shaped like the Blanton Bourbon Bottle. It held marinade but had the pewter horse stopper just like the expensive bourbon. The distillery gift shop had single barrel staves that looked like a rocker with eight holes to put your stoppers in. Small letters on the individual stoppers spell out BLANTONS when you fill all eight. Buying eight marinades at $11.95 would fill up your souvenir a lot quicker than $450 bottles of bourbon.

When we went back to the cabin we took the pontoon boat out for a ride. We stopped at David's and talked with him, Brad and Nicole (and baby Noah) for awhile and it was dark by the time we got back. Thankfully it cools way down at night and we were able to sleep comfortably with just fans in the windows and overhead.

The next morning Tim & Cindy arrived with their dog Maggie, a golden retriever. Ted had fun all weekend throwing her ball into the water. When she brings it back she stands next to you but turns her head every time you reach for the ball. You have to wrestle it away from her to throw it again. If you ignore her she'll eventually sit it down but she loves her little teasing game. Cindy said we could take her home with us and she would even pay for a lifetime supply of food; Tim threw in vet bills. Poor Maggie, she just loves to play ball.

While sitting on the dock, Eddie, Stephen, Tommy and Samantha came in the small peddle boat. They stopped to share a beer and invited us to David's that evening. Many more of the family were over there and he was having a big dinner. So we told them we would come by after church around 7:30

Everyone was anxious to get to church because it was air conditioned. However, only 23 people were in attendance. They are afraid this church may close and then they'll have to drive to Warsaw on Saturday or Sunday. More and more in our travels we find two or three churches have formed a "triumvirate" because of dwindling membership.

We had one more meal and party with my relatives before calling it a night.

Only two families were staying over with David, the rest were driving back to Cincinnati. I told them this was really it and we wouldn't see them again on this trip since we had actually moved south.

Sunday morning Ronnie fixed a big breakfast, we all sat on the dock in much cooler temperatures and after a really late lunch, Cindy & Tim and we took off for home. It started raining just as we arrived and it has kept up ever since. It is so needed that no one should complain.

May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you and all your heart might desire.” ~ An Irish Blessing

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Carol said...

Sounds like you had an eventful, family filled holiday weekend. However; get ready for the heat! It has been raining here for two days and the temps have gone down into the 70's, which is a nice change. Just drive carefully on your way home.