Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Then God said "Let There Be Light" and there was light - Genesis 1:3

The lights are on! The answering machine picked up when I made my call to the house this morning. So we packed up and came home.

I don't know if The Woodlands being a highly populated area of Entergy customers, or that The Woodlands Park Department was out immediately removing trees from streets and power lines or that the CEO of Entergy lives here, but we only had to wait four days, not four weeks for our power to come back on.

We enjoyed the little town of Hempstead during our short stay and appreciated the wifi at the library. We had lunch at the Coyote Moon on Tuesday before going to visit LeAnne and Jim in Brenham. We spent the day with them and refused their kind offer of bringing the RV to their house or of just staying in the house with them. The RV was quite comfortable and we were already set up. We all had dinner in town and left quite late to go home.

We are now putting the yard stuff back out, sweeping up pine needles, etc. and trying to figure out what food we can buy and where. Randall's across 242 has no power so there are no perishable items. We don't want to waste fuel driving around so we'll try to learn who has what before we head out. I think we're good for a couple of days especially in the PB&J department. Then there's always tuna ...

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