Saturday, September 20, 2008

Texans are "hunkered down" no more

That good old Texas spirit is alive and well all over the southeast portion of Texas. What has been accomplished in one week is astounding. We have a long way to go but Galveston will be back, mark my word.

Terry & Carol asked to come over Wednesday to watch Sarah Palin's interview on TV since their cable was still out so we pooled our food resources and had some dinner and watched the TV. Terry and I killed a bottle of red wine in the process.

On Thursday Ted and I went to find out where his tests stood. Dr. Chang's office at St. Luke's Medical Center was dark, locked and no one answered the phone. The 6th floor had flooded and his office is on the 5th floor. So I went directly to Diagnostic Tests. They gave me some lip about the doctor had to request a copy of the report and I s-l-o-w-l-y explained Dr. Chang was MIA and I wasn't leaving there without a report for Dr. Shedden. Guess who won that one!

Next we went to Dr. Shedden's office because his phone was still not working. We gave them the report and films and they gave us an appointment for Saturday morning. We stopped at Wal-Mart which had no dairy other than milk, no frozen food, no meat and minimal produce. I got one of the last three heads of lettuce. I poked every tomato until I found one that was firm. We invited Terry & Carol back for Part Two of the interview and we once again pooled our food and had excellent chicken salads for dinner. It seems we had both grilled chicken breasts earlier in the week.

Friday Ted took some of our garbage to Terry's house because they were getting theirs picked up. We had missed our pick up day and with emptying the refrigerator we were out of space and won't get service until Tuesday. What we've kept is getting somewhat "ripe" out there in the garage. I spent the day doing laundry. Ted stopped at Sam's and bought a roast chicken so we had that with Stove Top and a salad.

Today we finally got to see Dr. Shedden, almost a month after Ted's ER visit in Florida. Doctor wants a flexion/extension L-spine x-ray and an EMG/NCV nerve test. He is concerned about the weakness in Ted's right leg even though the pain is a whole lot better even without pain pills just ibuprofen. So he's back to being a professional patient for next week with two tests and one doctor appointment scheduled.

Today was the first I've been out and about and was amazed at all the signs, billboards, lettering, etc. missing from businesses. We drove a road in Oak Ridge North and the debris was stacked on both sides of the road so that you felt as if you were in a tunnel. The Woodlands is just that - woods. The debris is "natural stuff" but still needs to be hauled away. Everyone is working diligently and within a week I think this area will be cleared of Mother Nature's housecleaning.

Wish us luck with all the medical stuff next week. Ted is feeling pretty good though I don't think he's up for Disney World or standing in line for water, ice or MREs just yet. Good thing we don't have to.

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