Sunday, September 25, 2016

Three Weeks To Michigan

Sunday I went shopping and bought a few fall things.  The planters I keep on the courtyard wall went kaput in the summer heat so I replaced them.  I also bought a new door wreath and a Happy Halloween sign.  I am working a senior lunch next week at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church so I bought a fall runner for a table as a bingo prize.  I have a small wooden pumpkin sign and two jars of candy corn but that will be put together with other things.  Football and leftovers filled our evening!

I had a good dentist visit on Monday, went to Walmart for some mums for the yard and came home in early afternoon.  I didn't do much else for the day.  And when it came time for the debate I just couldn't watch it.  I had taped Big Bang so watched that, turned on the debate for a few minutes and then found a cable station to watch.  Can't we just start over?

Tuesday was Ted's 72nd birthday.  He and Terry went to the gun range that we had attended last week for him to try my gun. He wants to get a handgun and is doing the proper thing in learning about them and how to safely handle one.  I have noticed the one thing newbies do is wave the gun around when they turn to talk.  This is dangerous and will get you disqualified in any competition.  You NEVER break the 180 degree rule.  Ted said he did okay.  It takes many trips for someone to get comfortable loading, shooting and clearing a gun.  

I fixed a nice dinner for us and right before we sat down, Gerre and Barry stopped to pick up Tucker.  They were more upset with him for his disobedience than with the fact that he went missing for 3 hours.  They apologized several times.  I am just grateful he came home and that my fence will now be fixed.  All three girls called Ted and he had a stack of cards to open so he had a good day.

I was supposed to take Irene for her cataract surgery but John didn't go out of town so he took her.  I baked a cake for Shanghai on Thursday here at the house but didn't do much else other than daily routine stuff.  Ted wanted to go to the Mexican restaurant for dinner so I agreed!  We watched TV for awhile before going to bed.

It was my regular day for cleaning but Isabelle came at 8:45 to do me first.  The three ladies were done in 1 1/4 hours, a total of 4 cleaning hours.  That is a bit faster than usual but not by much.  Normally there are only two that come.  Once they left I set up the tables for play and got the drinks and snacks ready.  I was doing well with my score until the last hand and just couldn't get down.  Anyway it was a fun afternoon.

Friday I picked up Irene and we went shopping for a new area rug for my family room.  We found one at our first stop.  Yeah!  So here is a photo to end this week's blog.

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