Monday, September 12, 2016

Busy Day

Since I didn't know just when we would arrive home this week I kept my calendar clear.  I worked on the mail, balanced my checkbook, got my bunco group in order and filed what needed to be.  Once the office was clear I moved on.  Laundry was piled high and it took most of the day to finish.  Now I have several pairs of shorts to iron for Ted.

Ted got up early (for him) to take my car for inspection.  My sticker expires on 9/30!  In Texas your inspection is put into the computer where you have it inspected along with proof of insurance documentation.  You can then mail it, go on line or go to the DMV and submit payment.  We were concerned about getting the new sticker back in time.  Imagine our surprise when the fellow told Ted to go to HEB grocery with the renewal, my inspection report and payment and they would give him my sticker!  And they did!  Who knew?  

Then we went to the park, hooked up with no problems and drove to the RV repair place.  Besides the converter there are a few small things that need tended to.  Ted had to back it into the one open spot and they said it will be 2-4 weeks until they will get to it. I don't think it is more than a half day's work but there wasn't any open spaces anywhere.  Good thing we don't need it while we wait our turn.  If it gets finished while I am in Michigan, Terry will go with him to pick it up.  He doesn't need anyone until he puts it away.  He can't see when to stop when backing into our space.  I just watch that he is coming back straight and stop him before he hits the boat behind us!  We share a 70 foot spot.  We have 40 feet entering from one side, the boat has 30 feet and enters from the opposite side.  There is probably less than three feet on either side when parked.

I was down to stacks of clean clothes, medicines and toiletries in our bedroom and bathroom so I spent Tuesday morning getting it all put away.  Yay!  By noon I was finished and the house was once again neat and tidy.  I called the nail salon to see if it was a good time to come out.  The lady didn't sound like the owner nor acted as if she knew me!  My first clue something was amiss was the sign Under New Management, 20% off.  When I walked in, there were all new people!  Since they are all Vietnamese I never got a good explanation of where everyone else went.  They did a good job and the 20% off was welcome.  I will continue to go there as long as I like their work.

Our A/C was acting up again.  It turns itself off.  The thermostat goes blank and you can't get it to respond.  Then for no apparent reason it starts up again.  The first time we called last fall when it was brand new they said they could not find a problem.  The second time, they removed our $400 original programmable thermostat for an on/off $40 one saying the new A/C was incompatible with the old one. This time the repairman came the next day and I told him my tale of woe.  Because it was put in at the end of summer, we have been gone this summer and it runs intermittently we didn't always notice it.

He immediately said our drain was clogged.  The pan had no water in it but apparently there is a second pipe that runs down to beneath the guest bathroom vanity.  He poured 3 gallons of hot water down and it cleared it.  He said it was partially clogged and the high water level would shut it off but when enough dripped through, it would start up again.  I am glad someone finally figured out the problem.  

Ted went to the neighborhood men's luncheon but didn't bring back any news.  I missed the ladies' lunch so have to wait until October to gather my own news.

We have things under control with doctor appointments made, airline tickets for October bought, laundry and ironing done, house in order, now what?  I am not used to being at loose ends!  Thank goodness the weekend is coming and next week is filling up.

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