Monday, August 4, 2014

Staying Busy

We had a rainy day to drive to Carthage and arrived to find the office closed.  We drove around trying different spots but hadn't found one long enough when a guy on a golf cart arrived and took us towards the back where the longer sites are.  I am glad I had on my crocs because I was in standing water while we got set up.  Thankfully we didn't need to unhitch and went inside and stayed there.  No grillng those steaks for dinner!

I took the time to start getting all the clothes, food and laundry together that needed to go in the truck to be taken home.  Friday was sunny and the temps were mild.  We had braced ourselves for 90s and 100s but that didn't happen.  We arrived home around noon and set up in a nearby park.  We came home, surprising Chris who wasn't expecting us until Saturday.  Since he will return in two weeks he closed his bedroom door, did his Arnold impersonation declaring "I'll be back." 

Ted returned to wash the trailer and I started on the laundry and putting the other clean clothes and food away.  It took several hours but when I drove to the campground the house was in order, laundry was done and Ted was finished washing the trailer.  Yeah!  We finally didn't make a mess!  The steaks were grilled for dinner and we ate outside at the picnic table.  Spectacular weather!

Saturday was cleaning day.  I changed the sheets so we are good next time out, cleaned the bathroom, emptied the refrigerator and cleaned it good, vacuumed and got the last of our things together and headed for home.  Then I tackled the mail.  The truck license plate needed renewing, lots of filing of medical things Medicare sends quarterly plus a few EOBs from our supplemental policies, dividend statements, phone bills for Ted's expense account, etc.  I had mail and emails from both Grand Circle Tours and Norwegian about our upcoming trips so I created two piles, one for each so I could manage all the paperwork.  It took awhile but I got it under control.

Our neighbors asked us to go to the grand opening of a new 55+ community with them so we met them around 4:00.  The houses were beautifully decorated but were either too small or too big.  I didn't like how they used space.  Rooms were disjointed and nothing floated my boat or Ted's.  After a little wine, some sandwiches and mini desserts we headed to the church nearby and attended Mass.  By the time I got home I was stiff all over.  Two days of physical labor had done me in! 

Sunday I tackled my trip piles.  First up, Eastern Europe.  I made sure we have our air itinerary handy in addition to passports and proof of additional medical insurance and evacuation insurance to enter the Czeck Republic.  Medicare doesn't work outside the U.S. and they apparently don't want non-covered folks hanging around their country.  Novel idea!

We are traveling to seven countries, all with different money.  Using the euro in western Europe is so convenient now, that this will seem archaic, not to mention a lot of math figuring each one out.  I made several bank phone calls to determine which credit/debit cards offer the best rates on foreign transactions and at ATMs.  I also advised them of our travel plans.  I had to spell some of the countries for the young man taking the info!  The other young lady couldn't find Serbia and then finally announced "There it is.  It's just a little orange dot!"  

With that done, I proceeded to make a tomato/cucumber/onion salad and black forest cake for our next party which consisted of the 14 folks going to Panama.  Irene and her deviled eggs rode to Gerre's with us.  Again the weather remained pleasant and was so enjoyable.  We made good headway on agreeing on dining times, excursions, transportation to and from, etc.  It is a good group and should be a lot of fun.  I am in charge of booking ground transportation for all of us on our return and will do that today.

I'll settle down when my 'To Do' list is smaller than my 'Been There, Done That' list.

Author Unknown

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