Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hoping For Another "No Monkey" Week

We had a delicious dinner at Terry and Carol's on Sunday.  Irene came too so the five of us played cards afterwards.  I was doing great until the last two hands!  But I won Saturday night and Ted came in second at his table so my dime purse is still full.

Monday we waited for the ADT guy to come service our alarm system.  Chris had trouble with it in our absence and we didn't want that to continue.  Apparently one of the front windows was not all the way down and not locked properly.  A good wind could rattle it enough to make a momentary disconnect that set off the alarm.  He fixed that and replaced the sensor in the garage door to the house.  We go in and out there mostly and I guess it was worn down a bit.  I hope that fixes the problem.  Poor Chris was getting flustered.  He had inspected all the doors but didn't think about the windows.

Tuesday I worked at the Back to School shot clinic.  Uninsured children can get caught up on all shots needed to enter school for $10.  We knew the border situation would affect our numbers.  Last year in 6 days we did 200+ children.  Our first day was yesterday and we did 102!  They started arriving 3 hours before we even opened!  

There are packets of 5 pieces of paper that had been put together incorrectly which caused a problem right off the bat.  I assessed the situation, took the bull by the horns and set out putting them together correctly and quickly so they could be passed out.  In the time it took the lady I was working with to put together one, I had about 7 done and ready to go.  Each packet also needed a number attached to it and that number recorded on the shot record attached.  The gal in charge assigning jobs told me to "go for it" so I put the first 100 together, all the while asking new arrivals three questions.  Has the child been out of the country in the past year?  How old is the child?  Do you have Medicaid, CHIPS or any kind of medical insurance?  Most telling answer of the day "He arrived from Honduras 8 days ago."

The out of the country question determined the need for a TB test, we only vaccinated ages 4-17 and if you had insurance of any kind you were not eligible.  When I finished the first 100 packets that were used yesterday, I got the next 100 packets ready for today.  Then I put the second set of numbers in order so someone can start the third set of 100 packets today for use tomorrow.  If those numbers keep up all week, they need to be ready first thing in the morning.  

I was tired when I got home but Ted had dinner ready and after eating all we did was get suitcases out and I looked over what he had laid out.  I think he may be a bit color blind because what he thinks goes together "ain't necessarily so!"  We also are missing a small carry on suitcase.  Probably one of the kids needed it to go home once and we all forgot about it.  International carry-ons are smaller than what we use in the U.S.  So Ted will go buy an inexpensive one today.  That beats getting charged $100 going and/or coming on the plane when they make you check it.

Today I need to take two gallons of tea to a funeral lunch at church.  It is the easy way out but I was gone all day yesterday and have a hair appointment at 2:00 today just when the lunch is scheduled.  Fixing something was just not on my radar this time.  We have dinner and cards tonight starting at 5:30 with the group of 40 that we play with once a month.

Steve, Keith and Marge, relatives from Connecticut, leave today for Transylvania and will join us in Constanza on Monday where we board our riverboat.  Kara and Bill leave tomorrow for Cluj, Romania and will meet up with us in Bucharest on Sunday.  There is a 5:00 Mass in English in Bucharest 3 miles from the hotel.  Our tour director said he will get us a taxi if we arrive at the hotel in time.  I hope we can make it because the next two Sundays we won't be able to because of the itinerary.  

Church isn't where you meet. Church isn't a building. Church is what you do. Church is who you are. Church is the human outworking of the person of Jesus Christ.  Let's not just go to Church, let's be the Church ~ Bridget Willard


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