Sunday, February 23, 2014

Terrific Wedding

Today is the day after!  After all the planning and preparations have played out, for good or bad.

The rehearsal was a hoot!  Instead of me "practicing" walking down the aisle and lighting the unity candle tapers, Fr. John said I knew how to do that and should "park it" in the first bench!  He just blew through it and I applaud the wedding party who knew what to do the next day except for Aunt Maureen.  More on that later.

Kristin with Sam, Morgan and Molly the Bear in her wedding attire after the rehearsal.

There were 65 people at Wildside BBQ in Orlando to begin the festivities after rehearsal.  Kristin ordered a Groom's cake for Larry that incorporated his trade of photography.

The camera looked so real but I was afraid to touch it to make sure.  It was icing over styrofoam.  The "film" along the bottom contained photos of Larry, his family and Kristin.  It was an excellent cake too flavored with Grand Marnier.  There was a second undecorated cake too because of the size of our group.

Saturday morning started off with the first drama of the day when I dropped my dangly diamond earring down the bathroom drain!  I was cleaning them for Kristin to wear.  The maintenance man wasn't answering his radio so the front desk gave me a pliers and phillip head screw driver!  Amazingly Ted got the trap off with the pliers and Bill (son in law to be in July) got the drain thing out and out dropped the earring.  By then the maintenance man arrived and he put it all back together.  Teamwork!

The make up and hair people started on everyone about 7:30.  I said I wanted to look like Liz Taylor and they reminded me she was dead.  So I told them to do whatever.  Once finished I returned to my hotel, dressed and returned with Ted for some early photos.  When it was time for church it was raining bucketsful.  The limo had to back into the valet area to load the wedding party.  We followed it and blew through three tolls because the limo had a SunPass and we didn't.  I may be in stripes soon but I refused to be late.

I prayed the whole way and the rain stopped for the day by the time we arrived.  My other son-in-law Patrick escorted me to light the candle.  We turned around and Aunt Maureen had not lit hers on the other side.  She asked if she should light hers and I nodded yes.  Instead of lighting the candle she was supposed to, she lit the taper Larry was to use and tried to stand it on top of the bigger candle.  When no one came to her rescue, I left my seat, helped her do it correctly and we both "parked it!"

Sam and Morgan starting off the processional.

The ceremony went well except Fr. John read a different gospel than the wedding coordinator had said he would so the program was wrong but no one except me seemed to notice.  There were tears of joy and lots of laughter and finally it was time to kiss the bride.

Granddaugter Ally, granddaughter Cassie, Sheetal, Kristin, Larry, Willie, grandson Sam and Larry's brother, Peter with granddaugter Morgan in the front.

I wasn't taking photos so what I am sharing are some sent to me by others.

It was past 3:30 when we were finished with the six photographers at the church, a result of Larry being a photographer!  Somewhere in there has to be a good photo of me!  This one was taken by my friend Eileen.  I like it!

We were both hungry and dinner was over four hours away so we drove to Steak and Shake.  I believe we were voted best dressed in the drive thru line.  We both got a shake since it was easy to drink and filled us up.  Then it was back to the hotel for more photos.  

A little before six we walked across the street to the Citrus Club to be there to greet the guests.

All those place cards Kristin and I worked on sitting in alphabetical order.  There was a photo booth that everyone seemed to enjoy.  Their photo strip fit into the acrylic frame that housed their place card,  a great idea!  My sister Laurie, Kara and I did a photo strip for Grandpa who was unable to attend.  He wanted so badly to read from the Book of Tobit but felt too frail to make the trip.

The table settings.  There were 17 tables in all, named instead of numbered with different words important to a successful marriage.  Ted and I were at the Friendship table.  The centerpieces were fresh flowers in water filled clear glass cylinders topped off with those elusive floating candles that spent a few days in Louisville during the last snow storm.  The gold boxes of chocolates were placed by the waitstaff on the napkins.

There was a cocktail hour with waitstaff passing hors deuvers followed by dinner, then dancing.

Our three daughters - Kelly, Kristin and Kara.

The wedding cake.

Maid of Honor, Sheetal, Kristin's best friend since age 8.  She did an amazing job on her toast.

Kara, fiancé Bill (another wedding in July!) and Morgan and Sam.

Random shots at church waiting for the photographers to finish up.

The one thing I don't know how to share with you is the video Kara posted on Facebook of me and my brother Dan dancing to Old Time Rock and Roll.  To add insult to injury her caption read "my amazing almost 70 year old mother."  I quickly added "almost 69, not 70."

Sunday morning we thanked everyone at breakfast for coming, checked out of the hotel and drove Karen and Ron to Port Canaveral to start their cruise.  We will pick them up next Sunday.  In the meantime we can use their car instead of our truck and if need be, we can go in separate directions because we have two vehicles.

We are back at the RV, checked on the cats, and delivered the wedding gifts and envelopes to Kristin's house.  It is almost empty now.  My Fathet's Closet is coming Tuesday to clear out the garage sale stuff including tne dining room set.  A woman is interested in seeing the house this week.  We have accomplished a lot in the 3 weeks we have been here.

Happy the bride the sun shines on
Happy the bride the rain falls on

Either way, Kristin is covered.

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