Monday, February 17, 2014

Less Than A Week Until the Wedding

This time next week I will be sitting with my feet up!  We have been very busy getting this show on the road. 

The first wrinkle in our plans was Ted's need to fly back to Texas from Monday to Wednesday.  That left me without a vehicle because I didn't want to drive the dually to the airport Wednesday night to pick him up so he drove himself.   I went to Kristin's for two nights and used her car one day.

The next problem is the weather up north that has our 48 floating candles being held hostage in Louisville by UPS.  I have shopped around and found some available that will do and if the original ones don't arrive by Wednesday I will be out rounding up 48 new ones.

The bridesmaid dresses were shipped Fed Ex right before the storm and arrived on Thursday as promised.  Now they would have been impossible to replace if they didn't arrive!

We spent Friday getting ready for the garage sale that was held on Saturday.  Clearing out a whole house is no easy task.  With two complete households there is just way too much stuff.  We did sell quite a lot and will call a group to come get the rest.  The king size bed, couch, desk and entertainment center are all that is going to Larry's.  It is all the little things that are so hard to sort out.

In the meantime Ted and I have kept busy with errands, working on the name cards, taking our dance classes, attending a few things here in the park, etc.  I had breakfast with my friend Rita one day while Ted was gone.  Tom and Eileen took me to lunch another day.  

After the garage sale we drove to Disney's All Star Sports Resort to spend the night.  Bill and Kara met us there and we transferred all the things I had for her into their car.  We put our stuff in the room they had booked for us and went to Giordano's for dinner.  They got up at 5:00 to fly down and we were up at 6:00 for the garage sale so it was an early evening as they went to Bonnet Creek to their two bedroom apartment and we returned to our room.

We had brunch with Minnie, Donald and Goofy at Cape May Cafe at Disney Beach Club this morning along with Kara, Bill, Sam and Morgan.  

We went to church in Celebration at noon and then headed to Larry's while they went to the Hollywood Studios park.  We spent hours working on the name cards  and church program.  It was 8:30 this evening when we arrived home.

Hopefully things will calm down as we get more things wrapped up.  When more folks start arriving on Thursday I am sure it will get crazy again.  There are 65 coming to the rehearsal dinner on Friday and 130 for the wedding on Saturday.  

I know this isn't too exciting for you all to read but it is important for me to record the build up to Kristin's wedding.  The weather has been good and hopefully will stay that way for the next few weeks.

P.S.  I just checked and the candles have made it to Longwood, FL.  Hopefully they will be out for delivery today or tomorrow.

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Carol said...

It is an exciting time and I hope that all goes as planned, and that the candles arrive on time. I still remember all the running around and decision making that had to be done when Melissa got married - and it was she and I doing everything! Good luck to the happy couple! Hugs!