Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Parties Are Over

We have been making runs to the trailer as often as we can to get the rest of the things put away. Next  comes the loading of our personal things we will use over the next 2.5 months.  We are getting close to being done.

Saturday night we played Shanghai at Sherida and John's.  Their house is decorated from floor to ceiling in every room!  It all looks lovely and I admire people who are wiling to take the time and make the effort to do this.  After all, I did put a wreath on my door!  She had an entire island of hearty appetizers and sweets.  Ted won at his table with the men and I won at mine with the ladies.  They are going to stop asking us to sub if we keep winning.

Monday was our bunco Christmas luncheon.  Mary's tables were set so beautifully and the food was outstanding.  We had our Christmas gift exchange which is always a lot of fun.  Another thing we do is donate food to the local food pantry.  We filled the entire back of my Expedition with food and Ted drove it to church the next day.

Tuesday was the big push to get most of the stuff back into the trailer.  It is unbelievable all that we keep in there on a regular basis.  I don't know how long it would have taken us in Chanute if we did it all at once.  At least we are getting things put away neatly and with a degree of organization.

Carol and Terry invited us to dinner at the country club with John and Irene on Wednesday night.  They were having their big holiday buffet and it was the only time we had to spend together for the holidays. We saw several other friends and it was an enjoyable evening.

Tonight was our neighborhood get together and we are delghted with Wanda's progress with her chemo.  She looked and felt fantastic.  What a wonderful answer to our prayers.  I laughed until I cried when we talked about forgetting the most basic words.  It seems we all have had incidents and one was funnier than the other.

Eileen and Tom will start their trip to here tomorrow.  We expect them to arrive on Sunday.  I will be busy getting ready for their arrival, finishing up the trailer packing, a visit to the lighted musical house, church and Christmas Eve dinner at Fleming's followed by a Christmas dinner for a dozen people here at our house.

That leaves me one day to tie up loose ends and put the wreath away.  Chris doesn't want to look at the few things sitting out until March and I don't want to put Christmas decorations away just when I am digging around for my St. Pat leprauchan or the Easter Bunny!

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Carol said...

Sounds like a busy time - we have been busy too - only we are taking care of the grandbabies! Such fun! Spent a week at the kids house sleeping on an air mattress working on getting Lorelai settled in her new room - then my oldest came in last night and took over those duties! Have a wonderful Christmas!