Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My 400th Post!

My niece Jill keeps track of her posts and told me where to look. So I'm celebrating this one.

We were delayed leaving Guthrie because Ted found a sheet metal screw in the truck tire. I'm sure we picked it up at Nu-Wa's service bay. So he unhitched and went in to get it fixed. Then we moved on to Thackerville on the OK/TX border to Winstar Casino. They've put in an awesome campground with huge sites. There's no shade yet but everything else is terrific. AND ... we got our night free because they found me in their computer. We were both given new cards to use in the casino.

We had to drive into Gainesville, TX to go to church. Then we ate dinner at Toby Keith's Grill in the casino. Afterwards we played for a couple hours and left with $20 extra so it was a profitable day and night.

Sunday we moved to Burleson then spent three hours at Sam's getting two new tires put on the truck. Ted found small slits on the outside of the tires and he isn't one to chance anything with tires. They prorated the tires and gave us $70 and $80 off the new tires. We came home and jumped in the pool. It wasn't very refreshing because the water was in the 90s.

Ted drove to Plano to Dow Jones for a meeting on Monday. I went to get my nails done and he found a truck at a dealership. It was black and had been stolen off the lot and then found. The bed was beat all to h*ll. Ted really doesn't want black and who knows what else they damaged while driving so we decided not to get it even though there was probably a big bargain to be had.

Ted is at the Fort Worth paper this morning and I'm battening down the hatches. We'll leave when he returns. I think there's a stop at another dealership on the way home. I'm getting used to this. We've stopped in dealerships from Texas to Michigan and now back. Then we're going into Rayford to empty and clean the trailer before we put it away.

Chris is going to lose his happy home for about 10 days until we leave for Cancun. Then he is coming back. He sort of has his own guest room and leaves his clothes so he can go back and forth between his parents and our house with great ease. We're glad to have him as a housesitter.

Next stop home!


jillquilts said...

Congrats on 400!! Sounds like you will have a nice little break before jetting off to Cancun! Have fun!!!

Jay said...

Congratulations on making 400 posts! Hope y'all had a good summer trip. See you soon.