Monday, August 16, 2010

Fortunately, Unfortunately

I feel like I'm starring in the book "Fortunately, Unfortunately" that Kristin wrote in grade school. It mentioned something good that happened and then something bad.

We got the new tire put on the RV and put it away. That was good. Also Gwen did not charge us a late check out fee for hanging around until 3 pm on Thursday. The day before Ted had rolled onto his cell phone in his pants pocket while under the RV. It broke in half so we had to go to Verizon and get a new one. His glass lens all of a sudden came out of his glasses so it was off to Wal-Mart to get that fixed.

Things were good at home and I started in on all the mail that had accumulated. Most of it goes into the trash but there were some things to tend to. My license plate is up for renewal, I had a sympathy card to send as well as two packages needed to go to the post office. I did all the laundry and packed for Mexico as I got it finished. I was feeling pretty good by Friday evening.

Saturday we tied up loose ends around the house then went to church at 5 o'clock with Terry & Carol. Kathy brought my new Junior Forum uniform shirts and one of them has a big stain on it. We all went out to eat and they came back for a little while afterwards. We had a couple things to give them that I had forgotten to take with me to church. That night I sent an e-mail to the lady about my stained uniform shirt.

I decided Sunday to call Comcast and get the cable boosted back up to its normal level. I had them set it back to basic while we were gone. Sounds simple, right? I told them we wanted the three local channels and Fox News. Beyond that I didn't much care what the line-up was. After three hours and three different customer service reps I had over 600 channels, free HBO and NO Fox News. Someone is coming out Wednesday to take a look.

The uniform lady wrote that she would get my shirt replaced and I didn't need to bring it back. So I decided to wash it. The Shout lightened it but it didn't come out. It said no chlorine bleach but I took a white cloth, wet it, dipped it in bleach and dabbed gently. I think I got it out!!

This morning while shaving Ted said the water was only warm and not hot. So I went up into the attic and the pilot light was out on the hot water heater. Ted went up to light it but it wouldn't stay lit. We have no idea when it went out. It's been so hot out that the water was pleasant for showers. The plumber is coming tomorrow.

Ted received a call from Planet Ford and the truck they called him about in May when we had already traveled to Arkansas was still available and they were ready to deal. He left to go down there. I had to wait for Rose to come pick up some deviled eggs I made for a funeral at church. I can't help tomorrow because I'm working at an immunization clinic doing a shot blitz getting kids ready for school. A storm blew up and lightning hit our neighbor's tree across the street and knocked a breaker out that covers our garage, hobby room and laundry. The electrician came right away.

Planet Ford was not ready to deal and Ted came home empty handed. I told him maybe with all that is going wrong, today was not a good day to buy a new truck.

The new H tires did arrive at Thornton's in Magnolia so Ted drove the trailer out so they can put them on. He asked Terry to ride with him tomorrow to pick it back up. He can do everything himself except back it in to our spot. He can't tell exactly when he is at the line to stop. So Terry will do my job and signal when he is at the yellow line. The new parts won't be in from NuWa for at least 10 days so we'll take the RV to Boerne with a cracked fender panel and get it fixed afterwards.

Ted has to wait tomorrow for the plumber to fix the hot water heater and then he is leaving for Austin. I'm hanging around Wednesday for the cable guy. Thursday I'm helping Judy deliver Meals on Wheels. There is a big meeting for Junior Forum on Friday and we leave Saturday at noon for Cancun.

Don't ever say things couldn't be worse. They certainly can. Now if I can just keep the locusts from destroying the crops I think things will be OK.

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