Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

I've switched children's books to The Little Engine That Could. We have had to set the alarm all week for 7 a.m. to accomplish everything we needed to get done before we leave tomorrow morning. I saw Chris watering his folks' lawn and when I asked if he was ready to come back he said he certainly was. I'm just as ready to get on that plane to Cancun.

I was dealing with things at home like the plumber who installed a new thermocoupler on our hot water heater; it took two electricians 1.5 hours to determine a lightening strike across the street knocked out a circuit breaker and they fixed it, our cable was restored to what I wanted, the pest control fellow came back to do the inside plus I had to work at a NAM (Northeast Assistance Ministry) back to school shot blitz clinic one day, deliver Meals on Wheels one day and attend a Junior Forum meeting today.

In the midst of all of this, Ted bought a new truck - 2010 Champagne colored F350 Super Duty diesel dually. I drove it home from Ted's brother's house. It has such power that I was doing 60 without realizing it. I immediately slowed down. Ted also had the hitch moved and the plug put in. Then he sold our old tires and wheels and delivered them to Conroe. Lots of running around.

I canceled the old toll road EZ Tag and ordered a new one for the new truck, changed the insurance from the old truck to the new one. In the meantime, Ted made an overnight trip to Austin for work.

We'll be gone a week and I have no idea if I'll have access to a computer so just think of me on the white sand or in the turquoise water. If anything breaks, I'm calling the front desk.

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Barbara said...

ENJOY!!! You deserve it! After looking all over the country Ted finally found the "perfect" truck at home? Glad he found what he wanted. Can't wait to see all your new toys in Boerne!