Thursday, October 29, 2009

On to Boppard

Day 13 - We had traveled the Mosel River south, turned around and headed north where we would make an eastern turn at Koblenz back onto the Rhein continuing on to Basel. Boppard is just a bit south of Koblenz and it was our stop for the day, our last in the Middle Mosel Valley.

We had all passed on visiting the Marksburg Castle and instead took a walk into town where we visited the market square and town ruins and did a bit of shopping. This is the infamous Peter showing us the town. The sculpture is of a lady handing candy to a child. There were three wrapped candies in their hands and I wondered how long they would last in an American city. I'm sure they would be scooped up and gone before the person placing them there had turned away.

We visited the ruins and I took the following picture to show you the width of the walls used in ancient times.

You can see how cool it was by how Tom is bundled up while he and Les shop for hats!

After lunch when the sun came out we walked back into town using the lovely promenade that runs along the river where our ship was docked. Ted took a picture of Germany's smallest vineyard, just three tiny rows.

We stopped to visit the Carmelite Church Peter had pointed out that morning. Outside is a statue of Mary (circa 1320) and each year she receives the first grapes from the harvest. The building of the church started about the same time.

The church has two naves, the first contains the former high altar from the Church of St. Severus, built in the middle of the 17th century.

The second was carved of gilded nutwood and done in 1699 but the darkness of the nave and the wood made the picture very dark.

I was able to get a good picture of the Altar of the Crucifixion, circa 1500.

This fresco consists of a series of panels depicting the life of St. Alexius, 1407. A 14th century stone pulpit is featured too. No description was given for the other stone piece.

We sailed in the afternoon past lovely castles and villages along the Rhein as we approached the Loreley Rock. Legend has it a beautiful siren would beckon captains of ships with her beautiful song and cause them to wreck on the rocks. She paid us a visit! (It was Peter's counterpart Wouter.)

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