Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Next Stop Bernkastel

Day 10 - We started our day with a stroll around Bernkastel, one of the most picturesque towns in the Mosel Valley. Then we went to a wine cellar (literally) to taste riesling wines. Bern is bear in German, thus the bear fountain. The castle ruin of Burg-Landshut overlooks the river, thus the name.

The doors open into the cellar under the vineyard hills. It was dark, damp and the perfect temperature for storing wine. We would have loved to bring wine home but with the liquid restrictions on aircraft it's impossible. Some people bought some and said they would wrap it in their clothes, but if it breaks ... what a mess you would have.

Bernkastel is famous for Doctor Wine that goes back to a fable about the wine from this region curing a king. This painting on the wall tells the story.

The rest of the photos are just shots of the half timbered houses in the area bedecked with flowers.

The afternoon was spent cruising the colorful Mosel valley with all the leaves on the vineyards starting to turn. We especially enjoyed the color change because we don't get that in Texas.

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