Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bonn and Bruhl

Day 8 - This morning while others took a walking tour of Bonn, I chose to stay behind to catch my breath. Being up, dressed, had breakfast and ready to walk each morning by 8:30 or 9:00 can wear you out. Ted did go into Bonn on the walk and took these pictures of the home of Beethoven.

In the afternoon we traveled to Bruhl to visit the Augustusburg Palace. This is a horseshoe-shaped palace, a masterpiece of rococo architecture. It was built for Clemens August of Wittelsbach, the powerful Prince-Archbishop of Cologne. It's amazing what a little tax money and church donations can build!

We were not allowed to take pictures inside which is unfortunate because there was beautiful craftsmanship throughout the palace.

What we did not have an opportunity to see was Schloss Falkenlust, a smaller castle that served as a hunting lodge with an exquisitely landscaped garden modeled after Versailles.

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