Monday, July 13, 2009

We're Lovin' It In South Dakota

Friday we slept in and then Brenda and I fixed big breakfasts for the fellows. They were wandering around talking to Ron the farmer and Jacob the owner. We had to hunt them down to get them to eat.

We went to the Visitors’ Center in the park in the afternoon to find out about an evening program that was offered. The subject was “The Night Sky.” We decided to come back to the campground and eat then return at 9 p.m. for the program.

When we got in the car, another car kept honking at us. I thought they wanted our spot so I finally rolled down the window to tell them they had to back up for us to get out and they said we had a flat tire. Rick’s left back tire was sitting on the rim.

He and Ted changed the tire while Brenda went in to ask the rangers where the nearest place was to have a tire fixed. They told us back in Interior at the service station. We drove there and the gal sent us down 6th Avenue to the end to Rod’s Shop.

Now “down the end” is no more than 100 yards, if that. At that point you are on the “outskirts” of Interior. Rod (aka Pat) was waiting for us because she had called to find out “if he was back.” We learned he had been to the rodeo in Wall and he had a snoot full! Ted and Rick watched closely while he fixed the tire and he did a good job they said. So far it isn’t flat so I hope they are right.

Here are some pictures of the lovely shop we were at and also the sign that welcomes visitors to Interior. And this is the lot at the corner of Main and “A” Streets in downtown Interior. And that city jail picture I included earlier …it’s for real!

We made it back for the astronomy talk and it was enlightening. You don’t realize the light pollution in the eastern half of the U.S. until you come out west and look up at the night sky. At home we can see bright stars but here you see a whole sky full of stars, not just the big, bright ones. We also saw the International Space Station pass over. The ranger showed us where it was and we were able to watch it travel above us until it was out of sight. By 10 p.m. we were getting cold because we didn’t bring jackets so we came home but we continued to look at the stars in the sky. Another thing I learned is that the Big Dipper is part of Ursa Major (Big Bear) and is not a constellation itself!

We were scheduled to go horseback riding this morning but when we woke up it was pouring down rain so that was out. We all just hunkered down until around noon when it finally let up and the sun came out.

The fellows are friendly with all the staff and they even went to Cabin 3 and unclogged the sink for Jacob! Then a big motorhome came in and we all helped him get parked because it was close quarters. Soon we’ll be on the payroll.

We grilled steaks and then went to church in Interior at 7 p.m., the only Mass for the weekend. There were 3 parishioners and 13 visitors – a total of 17 people including the priest. I’ve been to small churches but this church and the amount of people was the smallest ever I believe.

We came home and set our horseback riding for 7 a.m. tomorrow hoping that we’ll see some wild life. I’m not publishing The Badlands yet because we have some hikes to take and another road to travel before I do.

I keep hearing about the heat and lack of rain in Texas. I wish there was some way to send some of it their way but alas I can’t. They are on water restrictions and I’ve asked those back there to set my sprinklers to meet restriction guidelines. That’s about all I can do from here.

Last night at the park we ended the evening singing Roy Rogers’ song “Happy Trails to You.” And so I leave you with that wish “until we meet again.”

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jillquilts said...

I spoke too soon about the good weather I guess. :( I'm glad you were able to get the tire fixed.