Friday, December 18, 2009

An ode to my Ford Expedition

First let me say we lived north of Detroit for 16 years so we have an affinity for American made cars, especially those companies headquartered in Detroit, and specifically Fords. We found in Texas there are predominantly three types of vehicles - your ever present pick-up, the SUV and foreign sedans. We have two out of three, both Fords.

I drove to bunco on Monday and the gals contributed so much food for St. Anthony's Food Pantry that I had the entire back of the Expedition loaded and had to put the overflow on the second seat. Needless to say, the fellow at the food pantry was thrilled and so was I.

We had a great luncheon and our annual Chinese Christmas gift exchange. There were some beautiful things passed around. I got a squishy massage pillow that will be great while traveling. I intend to take it with me on Monday when we leave for Florida.

That evening Ted and five other people went down, and seven people came back, from the U. of Houston basketball game. Terry's son-in-law is the basketball coach for the team Houston played and they were in town for that. The Expedition will actually seat eight but I went to Lessons and Carols at church with Gerre. What a beautiful concert and service. We both enjoyed it.

I received an e-mail from Pat whose condo we will be staying at on New Year's Eve in Naples. She wanted to know what we would be driving because they needed a big car so everyone could ride together. Once again, my Expedition to the rescue.

And now I'm loading it up with presents, clothes, things Kristin bought while she was here, some household things for her and several kitchen items I'll need to cook dinner for 11 people at her house. When you live alone, you don't need service for that many people. There's plenty of room in my car.

So there you have it folks, my ringing endorsement of the gas guzzling SUV Obama doesn't want us driving around. When they give up their private planes, I'll think about giving up the car of my choice. I lived in Michigan, so I know Hell, Michigan has frozen over a time or two but .... well you get my drift.

We went to dinner with Terry & Carol on Tuesday since we won't be together over the holidays. Tuesday worked best because my eye surgery was scheduled for Wednesday. It was cancelled Wednesday with a phone call at 5:30 a.m. and then rescheduled for Thursday at noon with a follow-up visit at 1 p.m.!! They said everything went fine.

This eye was a little more irritated and wasn't in focus at all but my pupil was still very dilated. When I got up this morning I couldn't see any better out of it so I called the doctor. They had me come in and he said there is swelling but he wants to see me at 8 a.m. on Monday before we head out of town. He doesn't know why I'm not focusing better. He feels the swelling will be down on Monday but if it isn't they will dilate my pupil and take a closer look. I can see distance OK. The right eye is ignoring the left eye which is what it is supposed to do. However, I can't read with my left eye and that is what it's supposed to do. The doctor seems to think it will be fine in time. Let's hope he is right.

Well my neighbor just brought us soup, salad and bread for lunch because of my eye surgery and because she is just a great neighbor so I'm going to sign off. Hang in there folks, Christmas is just a week away.


Barbara said...

I don't have an Expedition but I do have an Explorer and it is wonderful for carrying larger items. My MH is on a Ford chassis too.

Keep in touch and let us know how the eye is doing!

cdm said...

Yeah for Ford products! We have a F350 and it does an excellent job at pulling the Montana. I did have a Ford Explorer and I loved it. Wouldn't buy anything else but Ford!
Hope the eye gets better and all is well - look forward to seeing you on the 2nd.