Saturday, December 5, 2009

For This I Moved to Texas?

We kept an 8:30 am doctor's appointment in Conroe on Thursday. The girl did some looking and testing of my eye and wrote her findings down. The doctor came in and read what she wrote and said "this is good." Then he looked at my eye and said "this is better than good." So I'm doing well. He said there was no reason to delay the 12/16 surgery so it is still on.

From there we went to JCP and I was able to look all around the store and see without my glasses! Of course my eyes aren't seeing the same so it's a bit disconcerting but I am aware of the far vision I haven't had since grade school.

Friday morning I drove to the walking trail without my glasses and walked with Gerre. It was 42 at 8 am but had dropped to 39 at 9 am when I returned home. We headed to Conroe to look at an RV that is for sale and while there, it started to snow! Mostly flurries but they were reporting two inches in downtown Houston. We stopped at the Dollar Store, had BBQ at MacKenzie's and then thought we would stop at Social Security to check on Ted's application status. They were closed due to inclement weather!!!! The ground was barely wet. They would never go to work in Ohio or Michigan I guess. Inclement weather to me is 15 inches of snow and 25 below zero (all of which my kids have attended school in while students in Michigan).

So we came home and waited forever on the phone to talk to Social Security. Ted has never been notified that his application was approved. The fact that the interviewer was questioning him about his other wife Victoria had us concerned! We met at age 14 and 15 and will be married 45 years in April. I hope Victoria finds the correct husband. The lady I talked to said on January 7 his will all be in the system and to check on line on January 8. Let's hope she is right. Mine went through without a hitch but then I didn't have a second husband no one knows about!

I was able to get my hair cut and colored at the last minute late in the afternoon. When I came home Ted had fixed dinner for the third night in a row. I'm liking this interest in grocery shopping and cooking. He said a young girl had asked his opinion on ground beef. He asked what she was using it for and gave her his opinion and why. You could almost see the chest puff out with pride!

We covered my pansies last night. Good thing too because it is 29 this morning at 6 am. We have the Christmas Party Wine Tasting tonight. I am taking sweet potatoes and an extra bottle of wine. CASA (Court Appointed Advocates for children) is having a "wine pull" at their gala in February. We said we would donate a bottle for it. I worked with CASA for about three years when my friend Jean was the director. After she retired I lost touch with the organization. However, I'm scheduled to begin working with Junior Forum in the spring. Newcomers has sort of run its course and my friendships and groups are established. It's time to move on and broaden my horizons.

Stay warm. I'm trying to. They did say we'll be back in the 70s by the beginning of the work week. Let's hope they are right.

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