Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cool Front - Only Going Up To 90!

Living in the south produces some silly weather reports.  I remember FL - "clear and cold tonight, bring in your pets - 50 degrees."  We try to avoid the summer heat but travel schedules sometimes cause that to change.  I am just staying in when I can.  We did eat outside after church on Saturday with Terry and Carol.  It was actually a beautiful evening and it was fun catching up.

I spent Sunday getting ready for Canasta here on Monday.  I made the Chocolate Lasagna cake that I needed to make for Tuesday also.  It just seemed like a good idea to do a trial run with the recipe Junior Forum provided me.  

We had a new mix of ladies to play Canasta that were learning so they stayed at one table and I didn't get to talk much to them.  I hope they liked it and come back.  AND I won!  But I sent folks home with chicken salad sandwiches, cheese cubes, artichoke dip and no one ate any cake!  I was not about to make a second one for Tuesday so I was glad I made it in a foil pan with a lid.  It was going to the Senior Bingo and Lunch with me on Tuesday!

Ted had gone to Beaumont Monday so I was alone for the night.  Even Tucker went home.  He knows when Gerre and Barry ring the bell.  I don't know how but his response is different than when anyone else rings the doorbell.  It takes me a day or two to stop looking for him.

Tuesday was an "out the door by 7:45 am" morning.  I put the cake in a pan of ice to keep it cool since it was a lot of pudding and cool whip.  My bingo prize was 4 dishcloths and 2 matching dishtowels.   I picked them up this summer somewhere along the way.  I was hostess at Table 22 which was 7 ladies and one man.  In this setting that sort of makes him George Clooney!  

We had close to 200 seniors to visit while having coffee and juice, to play bingo, to be entertained by a couple singing show tunes and then have lunch.  My friend Joanne came by to visit with me for a few minutes.  Her husband Dwight is in a nursing home and she lives in senior housing in the area.  We are always hapoy to see one another.  Once they finish their lunch and dessert, the seniors are out the door.  I took a little piece of the cake that was left to taste it and it was pretty good!  After my busy 3 days I was tired when I got home and didn't do much.  Ted fixed dinner and I cleaned up.

Ted is very busy today.  He left for the men's neighborhood lunch, then went to the bank and is now at the doctor getting a new prescription for his antacid medicine before we leave again.  At 5:30 we are due at the country club for happy hour, dinner and cards.  Tomorrow is the lady's neighborhood luncheon.  Food, food, food!

Tomorrow is 9/11.  Please pray our country suffers no attack big or small.


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